Rapper 2 Milly Sues Epic Games for Stealing Milly Rock Dance in Fortnite | TMZ

2 Milly tells us he didn't know what Fortnite was until people started contacting him over social media, telling him the game was stealing his dance. The rapper says even his daughter noticed the similarities to his moves.


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    • Plus 2milly fell off tho so he probaly will make blocboy pay for most of it if they loose 100k gone

    • Block boy and Snoop but I doubt Snoop will. People need to stop being culture vultures and capitalizing off of a culture without permission, paying royalties, and crediting the creators and originators.

    • +ur girls cooch snoop dogg cant even respect fortnite so all creators of the dance are getting mad at epicgames,you know why
      First,the creator of the dances get money because of their dance
      Second,Fortnite stole their dances and then they got more money than the creator of the dance

  1. You can’t copyright a body movement 😑. It’s sad how attorneys let you go through with this just to take your money.

    • y 115 You don’t need to trademark it all you have to do is prove in court that you created the dance.

    • what u dont get is, fortnite has monetized the dance. They are profiting off someone else’s choreography, so if 2milly has copyrighted the dance he can sue. its not right that epic games can sell something and not give credit to the originator

    • +ItsYeetBoiCris exactly these morons in the comments don’t know you can’t steal someone’s work and profit from it fortnite has done this for to long I hope he wins

    • +Troy Garza you are a fool they stole his creation you fool people can’t steal someone’s work and trademark you sound like a butthurt fortnite fan 😂

    • BlckPwr 007 BlckPwr 007 nah buddy,, it’s a dance move “some kid” made an entire music video/song about. It’s not like he was rappin about money cars hoz and just did some dance. The dance is apart of his brand. It’s what made him famous. I’m sure it made him a few coins as well. 2MILLY, MILLY rocc the shyt is even in his name bruh lol

    • +WhoShotYa823 lol so the song is about him dancing? Ppl pay money to go to his concerts to watch him do the Milly Rock? The dance is Choreographed and sold to others by 2 Milly? What, no to all the above? Lol STOP IT! And even if all of that were true Epic didnt even charge for the “swipe it” lol his case is still flimsy at best.

    • +MichiganWolves1000 well the floss dance is literally even named the same. So hopefully backpack kid gets paid, and block boy j should also. The hype is definitely the shoot

    • Basedmike17 back pack kid is black? I thought he was white as snow well i guess you never know these days 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • What does that make Blizzard? They did the same thing, may have not sold the moves but still had to pay to play the game. Out of all honesty everybody became whiny babies, grow tf up its a dance move. Nothing is special about it and everybody can do it. So what about dance street performers, would u sue them for using other peoples moves and profiting on them? Like i said whiny babies as usual.

  2. Choreography Copy. He mentions the steps to the dance , in the video. Technically, it is copyrighted.

  3. pla·gia·rism



    the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

    synonyms:copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing;


    “accusations of plagiarism”

  4. Nooo, I hope he win, not taking credit for. Your own dance step is just rude, take it as an Example if you invented immortality and you did not get any credit from it how would you feel?

  5. Now we wont be able to have it😑 BRO! YOUR DANCE IS IN THE GAME! why you trynna sue them. Omg😤🤦‍♂️

  6. the “dance” … sure, 3 second loop of a dude waving his arms like an idiot, better call them as the idiot hand waves are for sure mine and my own! rawr… lol

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