R. Kelly’s Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Blasts Father for Embarrassing Her | TMZ

Joycelyn Savage — the woman whose father claims she's being held captive in an R. Kelly run "cult" — has a direct message for her fam — SHUT THE HELL UP!!!


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R. Kelly's Alleged Captive Joycelyn Savage Blasts Father for Embarrassing Her | TMZ



  1. She’s not even dressed like a 21 year old college girl. What she said even sounded rehearsed.

  2. She don’t look happy. She look like she being forced an wanna be like dad I’m at so so park😬

    • +spoiledsandi yeah but her youngest sister is 11 so you’re gonna call her fraud too ? That’s bullshit

    • Andrew Staples I’m sorry but an 11 year old isn’t gonna do much, and I myself wouldn’t return just to stay with my youngest sibling because what’s the point. There’s nothing to gain, why go back to an abusive family as a whole just to hang with an 11 year old who probably might get put in the same predicament. That’s not fair to the person, she’s living her own life not the young girls.

    • +spoiledsandi not stay with them but spent time with them maybe go shopping , to the movies or to the nail salon

    • Andrew Staples but she did visit them there’s a whole video on it and what happened when she was there by her father since he’s making profit off of YouTube from it. Look up his YouTube it’s called J savage collection

  3. I think this has gone on for so long in our society that somehow we have tricked ourselves into thinking that the mistreatment of African American women is okay. This young woman feels so worthless that she thinks being mistreated is better than her existence. Jocelyn go home. it’s not to late to start over. why would you settle for being one of many. he will misuse you until you can’t be used anymore.

    • Angela Davis who said mistreatment was okay, everyone telling her to go home πŸ€”

  4. If she were free to contact her family whenever she pleased, she would’ve just called him directly and told him all this. I’m not buying any of this for one second.

    • mark simon his comment was a year ago. πŸ˜‚let it go y’all ^^ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™„

    • (underwaterseas) Not necessarily. Her family went public so if my family did that to me I would go public too!

    • +mark simon but damn she has little siblings that look up to her can she at least facetime her little sisters

    • She can leave anytime she wants she just a fool that didn’t listen to her parents when younger and is now being bought sexually and with material things good luck to her she go home when R Kelly goes to prison lol

  5. So a phone call to your family or a visit maybe wouldn’t be logical?πŸ€”πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    • Ho Nest exactly !!! Everything I’m seeing and hearing is that these women are doing what they wanna do and he’s not controling or forcing anything if they’re wanna b down they stay if they not they’re free to leave and they’re not feeling home anyway .. no different then a girl trying to go to college to get away from home .. a lot of girls go off to college not for an education but to get away from there home environment

    • Erica prince whatever ! If they not down with they parents trying to come up with lies , etc why would they wanna go home she probably would go home for a visit and it be no big deal if her parents would stop the bs and lies and act normal

    • It’s obvious there’s something she has on her father. She was about to spill it but didn’t. And she wants everybody to know it too.

  6. bro her voice breaks a little when she said family and R kelly.. also you see her scrunch up her eyebrows when she said she was “happy with the people shes around”. Also when she says for him “stop what he is doing”, she shakes her her head no..

  7. Just look at the words/sentences she emphasized….”DAD”, “DISASTER”,” GETTING OUT OF HAND”. “SITUATION WITH R KELLY”, “STOP IT”, “PLEASE”….come on, she hid the message inside the message

  8. I hope this woman’s family never gives up on her. I don’t care what happened!

  9. She has on a turtle neck and long-sleeves in the summer heat. How many bruises is she hiding? She had on a turtle neck/long sleeves in the last video too….
    She also misspoke on purpose. “I *LIED* to you…I-I LOVE you to death” Please someone locate her before it’s too late.

    • I noticed that it was very weird on how she confused the word lied with love….but did she really mess up on purpose? it’s terrifying on how no one is taking action on finding her and the cult

    • She actually said I would like for you…. matter of fact I would looove for you to stop…. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ ijs.

      But overall yes I still agree there is something fishy going on. Is she contacting the father and he’s pretending she’s not (for his financial gain/ publicity etc) and she’s choosing to be in this overly submissive relationship. Or is she not as free as shes letting on… and that’s why she makes a video here and there to speak to the family. Idk but it def seems off

    • Lean not to your own understanding. First of all that is not a turtleneck. Secondly, she said like not lied. Clean your ears out

  10. It’s the Remix to ignition
    I be kidnapping women
    Momma Rollin that body
    parents reported her missing

    • bulelwa mthombothi she being Held against her will she’s very brainwashed why was she make a video on TMZ about it instead of just contacting her dad send him the video

    • Marvin Calloway lmao no she’s not have you seen the videos her family puts on YouTube talking to her, I’d wanna leave and never come back to

    • because after she called him she did the interiew on the internet because he made a public announcement

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