Rashida Tlaib, First Palestinian-American Congresswoman, Swarmed on Capitol Hill | TMZ

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress got the A-list celeb treatment — a full crush of photographers and shouting fans — as she arrived on Capitol Hill.


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  1. You can say what ever you want about Rashida but you know what? That lady got some spine to dress like that, unlike most of our spineless politicians who got rich serving special interest groups.

    • She says nothing. Her answer to every question is some meaningless mix of the words community, dignity, justice and respect.

    • Mohammad: Are you that naive? Check her donations. She is all about the special interest of her Muslim “community”. She is full of vile hate and said today regarding Trump: ‘We’re going to impeach the motherf***er’ …you want a cultural war? Bring it on; you will lose.

  2. What a strong American woman! Being proud of your heritage is no crime, she could have just been another hypocrite in the congress but she decided to be herself. respect.

    • like we said in french ” c est bien dit mohammed ” that is well sqid…. you can be proud of your origine . it is not possible to see a woman like her wear a palestinian dress .no it is impossible. a reason : “laicite” secularism . in france a woman ith hijab can not work

    • I’m Palestinian and I’m disgusted by what she wore to be sworn in. She should be embracing american culture and trying to fit into the american way of life. Instead, she, and many minorities in my opinion, want America to fit their culture and way of life. That’s not how it works. I’m not saying she needs to forget about her heritage but she needs to practice and reminisce her heritage on her own time and at her own home, not on Capitol Hill.

    • She is full of hate and has no clue..She will fit in good with our crybaby liberals..the rest of America will just laugh at how stupid she is.

    • Sono: Except she is a racist women who has called Trump a “Mother Fucker that we are going to impeach”. She is fanning the flames of hate.

    • Peace and love to everybody..No need to be racist about it…
      BTW Have you seen how Muslim women are treated ?

    • Islam calls the black man lower than a dog.. they were the first to enslave them. I dont hate anyone,, i hate a cult that kills women and innocent children.

  3. Sad day in America you will look back one day and see this is when the Trojan horse was pushed in

  4. The most anti-Semitic member of congress since Robert Byrd and she calls for impeachment

    Unlike Trump, she is an actual supporter of islamic terrorism, she should be expelled from congress for betraying her oath.

    Or maybe just join her friends Hamas

    • How she is anti Semitic when she is a Semite herself.arabs are Semite.get your facts right and stop being jealous. This lady has more education than most of the senators.

    • +Judge Bao I’m sure you know the answer to that. Can you tell me what the white race has access to that black Americans don’t nowadays? Not the racist bull either, I’m asking you a serious question… what do I have that you, if you are black, don’t have?

  5. I think is time for us American to buy a Quran and read it, we gave this lady a visa to come here and study, we gave her bank loans to complete her education, got married, raised her kids and look how she is starting her career! look at her agenda to impeach a US citizen she doesn’t even know where her office is wake up American.

    • hey, do you know that america doesnt belong to americans? If this woman have to leave, then y’all should leave too

    • +Provenia Evermi she is pro Isis, and if you know anything about ‘Palestinian’ and the history, it would not be a mystery to you

    • +Nate Dawg From my perspective as a russian, I believe that palestinians and jewish people shall live together, That’s it

  6. wow – what a classy lady (not) cursing in public and disrespecting our president. What grounds for impeachment?

    • Susana: The same grounds that all Dems are following: feelings, emotions, “orange man bad” …. in other words, they still cannot accept that they lost. I absolute hated Obama’s policies, but I always respected the office. These Dems are spoiled little children. If they want a cultural war, bring it on …. it will not last long and I know which side will win easily.

  7. So this is the kind of trash everyone knew was coming in. get ready for it. More to come. Well done, Dem morons.

  8. Read No Go Zones. This is already happening in America (Michigan especially) and will get worse.

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