Rep. Hank Johnson Says ICE Wants To Muzzle Musicians Like 21 Savage | TMZ

ICE is a terrorist organization trying to stop musicians from speaking out about the situation at the southern border, which is why they targeted 21 Savage … so says U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson.


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  1. *Hank Johnson Has Time to Talk About A Felony British Rapper While Ignoring His Democratic Muslim Terrorist Congresswoman Of Minnesota Tho… Or The Black Face Democrats In Virginia And The Democratic AG Rapist In Virginia*

    • Jekyll Hyde gTHANK YOU !!! But the ignorant masses will consciously over look this. Micheal Savage said it best “stupidity reigns supreme in this country”

  2. In all honesty.. these days foreigners have been on our USA BILLBOARD CHARTS and not on our WORLD POP or Rap stations. These foreigners making loot on our turf and nobody here says a thing. That’s the real story. Word.

    • Growing up at the local mom and pop music store we used to have LOCAL, RAP and OTHER….. 21 Savage legit.. should be in OTHER.

    • MacNifty Ummmm, maybe if Americans had more TALENT like these foreigners (mind you a lot of musicians here in the USA were born here and are more accepted by other countries than their own) you wouldn’t be so mad.

    • The USA steals their music and makes it our own like we have been doing for years do your research

  3. It’s crazy how people only see things when it’s in their own community. Then and only then is when they’re willing to speak up.

  4. There you go Mr. Politician !!! Use any and every celebrity that don’t have their paper work straight to your political advantage and earn points panthering to the black community.

  5. Just ask Hank Johnson about islands…and he will tell you they are in danger of tipping over.

    • I would like to know where he learned about the islands that tip over. How does Hawaii stay afloat? What Is the capacity before it tips? These are important questions.

  6. He is literally a re3tard. 21 savage is literally a criminal. Not a “youth visa pending”. Dude has been lying about his status. He even said he was from Atlanta. Yeah, he was targeted for being a criminal alien.

  7. Someone just needs to go back to England and wait for miss paperwork to go through. He will be fine. The funny part is that he is not from Atlanta and everybody thought he was. Lmbo

  8. Lol 21 savage overstayed his visa and had a criminal record trying to claim ICE agents, who I gurantee most didn’t even know who he was had some political plan here is ridiculous and insane

    • He has been here over 10 years and now they want to come get him because he is talking about things the govt is doing to us

  9. But wasn’t he initially pulled over for speeding and driving on a sidewalk while racing around Atlanta with friends? Cops saw him pouring out codeine and found a loaded pistol in the car…and an M4 in his friends car. This professional panderer and others make it seem like ICE knocked down his door while he was giving his kid a bath. They didn’t get involved until Atlanta PD notified them when they found out his immigration status. Facts dont seem to matter these days, its all about shock and outrage that happens to fit with whatever agenda is being pushed. This guy only “cares” because its a famous black rapper lets be real.

  10. Hank believes a island can
    CAPSIZED 👈😄🇺🇸
    Who are the idiots that keep
    voting this guy in ?

  11. Isn’t he the one who said if to many people was on one side of Guam it would tip over? 😂

  12. I hope he gets deported since he’s a felon. My Mexicans be deported by having a misdemeanor for drinking and driving.

  13. “Tried to make him to be a criminal alien, which is the furthest thing from the truth”…… He has a criminal record and overstayed his visa. Those are facts. Now please explain how those facts don’t translate to criminal alien?

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