UFC Fighter BJ Penn Get’s Into Fight With Strip Club Security | TMZ TV

Hawaii looks intense


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  1. Another lost for BJ Penn, just call it quits man go crawl up under a rock and enjoy the little money you have left

  2. That’s what I’d do if I was a retired mma fighter with a few million in the bank.

  3. Just imagine if this was Conor. The comments would flood with the scrubs who hate him

    • Conor would just slap a Phone of whoever is filming , while waiting for Khabib to come and Smash him again.

  4. Bj could of elbow him but he trying to avoid a bigger law suit if wanted to he could of murder that guy

  5. Lol bj took the dudes shots to the head and still maintained dominant position. Bj would’ve mounted and took that poor dudes soul

  6. Man I wanna fight the guy who took cheap shots on BJ
    Plus, I want BJ to retire and enjoy his life
    You’re a legend bro, it’s time to wrap it up. Enjoy that Hawaiian sunset bro

    • I know you and I know the guy who took the cheap shots on BJ ..
      You don’t want that fight bro ..
      That guy would cook your goose six ways til Sunday ..
      He’d wax you , smoke you and leave you hurting ..
      I really hope BJ gets to relax and enjoy retirement..
      Edit –
      Scratch that , BJ just had another bar fight ..
      Maybe he’s preparing for mcgregor
      Drunken bar style

  7. Normal Muricans. Can’t fight at all but making “funny” comments at others. Scum Nation

  8. Don’t do that brah. He’s rich, he’s famous, and I’m mooching off his fame by trying to be his buddy!

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