“Revenge Body” Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!

Crysta hopes her fiance will pop the question and Mike gets revenge on a bad breakup! Watch on "Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian".


About Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian:
In “Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian”, participants will get the opportunity to reinvent themselves from the inside out with the help of Khloé and some of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the world. Whether these men and women have been dumped, are trying to mend relationships, or facing any of life’s other tough challenges, Khloé – who has overcome her own body issues – is there to help. With the help of Khloé’s elite celebrity trainers, stylists, and glam squads, participants work hard to transform their bodies to be best versions of themselves. The results display a significant change for each participant, leading to a final reveal to the world and confront with those who doubted them.

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"Revenge Body" Recap: Season 2, Episode 5 | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!


    • I don’t think he did that to be mean or to be abusive towards her. Because an abusive person would want her to stay overweight and unhealthy so she will see him as the best thing she can get. You probably just want to do more stuff with her besides sitting at home. He may love her personality a lot of things about her. Like for instance in order for me to be in the relationship with someone they have to be healthy and fit.

    • i coulnt believe she said yes gosh. instead of losing the weight she should have loss that awful guy.

  1. Omg u can tell that girl was wearing spanx and a waist trainer underneath. Im starting to doubt this show and it makes me sad cuz i love Khloe. And that girl isnt the only one i seen that looks like they have help underneath their clothes. 😔

    • Donna a flat stomach doesn’t come overnight. It’s a 3 month show and the fact that she lost 45lbs in that amount of time is amazing. You can definitely tell she overall looks thinner. I think she had a great transformation🔥

    • It may look like that but they give you a time period. If you lose 20 or 50 pounds in that limited time period that’s up to the person. They have to continue on with the show and the next person.

  2. 0:18 I love watching Khloe’s blank face and uncaring attitude while she interviews these people who pour their hearts out. LOL

    • She is like a psychologist and you dont see your psychologist crying with you when you cry. She has to keep it professional.

    • but shes NOT a therapist. Her job is to empathize with them so they feel motivated on their journey

    • Luluș Ione i did not say that she is therapist, but she is like a therapist. Her job is to motivate them and help them go through their journey. If she cried about all the sad stories, that wouldn’t help them. As i mentioned before, she has to keep it professional. Also she is kind of empathising with them by telling her struggles that are similar to their struggles.

  3. Crysta should have said no. What happens when your get pregnant or have a surgery and Gavin a little weight and can’t last it all quickly enough. Nope. Bad move. He doesn’t fully love you for the right reasons. BS

    • To me she did the right thing. She had a very handsome, well taken care of, psychically active fiancé. You have to show your partner that you care about your health, that you care about the way you look, that you care about your future. Its not about being a victoria secret model, its just about taking care fo yourself.

    • Scarlett Gaylord I think he just did it to give her something to look forward to at the end of the road. Even though he may have went about it in the wrong way he had good intentions.

    • Love isn’t enough. As an individual u need to take care of yourself. Nobody wants a lazy partner cause you have to deal with their insecurities. He didn’t leave her but pushed her to make her get what she wants cause he’s already there. Some people need the pushing more than others.

    • She’s not thin yet.. he proposed her at a healthy and a bit chubby weight… he could have told her to loose more weight..

  4. The way the fiance went about it was wrong. But I think he just wanted her to lose the weight and feel confident again. I’m sure she’s A lot happier when shes more confident.

    • You don’t dangle a engagement ring in someone face and say, I wont marry you until… Its like dangling a piece of fudge in front of your face and saying you don’t get until. I think she wanted to lose the weight but the weight she should have lifted off was the man. She looked stunning. I just hope she will be happy with the choice she made in marrying him. I also hope she keep the awesome work she has done for herself.

  5. Stuffing someone in a dress 3 sizes too small and changing their hairstyle is not a ‘revenge body’

    • Mac it may look like that but they give you a time period. If you lose 20 or 50 pounds in that limited time period that’s up to the person. They have to continue on with the show and the next person.

    • It’s not what you think, it’s what they feel. Putting something that you thought you could never get into it’s the moat satisfying feeling in the hole world and feeling sexy and beautiful just by dressing up a little bit and putting on make up, if you don’t know how does it feel don’t talk about it because I know, and it’s one of the most empowering thongs you can do to yourself and then ahow to others that you seel good in your own skin and you reflect that and people can see it and they cn see you beautiful and confident, and that has no price. So if you think that is okay, but don’t judge this show cause it makes people feel great again and confident with who thay are and who they wanna become

  6. no one should ever put stipulations on you like that!! He fell in love with u like that. Say NO!! you can do way better.

  7. She didn’t need to get skinny for him to love her. He should of loved her no matter what she weighed or looked, or whatever

  8. I was REEEAALLY hoping she’d say no and dump him! That would have been AMAZING!!! He’s a jerk!

  9. can someone please remind me the name of the soldier’s trainer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? he’s my future husband so I kinda have to know lol

  10. If that man’s love is measured by her weight she should not have excepted Basing a relationship of looks or weight doesn’t focus on what’s important which is compatibility morals and chemistry looks change over time with pregnancy age etc. she should’ve said no.

  11. Congradulations, Crysta! You’re going to marry a controlling narc who told you for years that “You’re not good enough, until.” Dumb girl. Should’ve said no.

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