Rob Kardashian Sr. Comes Through Via Stuffed Animal | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

Khloé Kardashian provides the young clairvoyant with one of Rob Sr.'s prized childhood possessions–and Tyler makes a connection. Check it out on "Hollywood Medium".

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Rob Kardashian Sr. Comes Through Via Stuffed Animal | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


    • Watch the YouTube video of Hollywood medium exposed and when certain people requested a read his team did not respond back to them because theirs no way of doing research on those people because they’re not famous he knew a producer and a publicist and together they created this show just like when he did Matt lauer he said something in regards to his dad but they show the video of Matt explaining what him and his dad use to do when he was a little boy on matts show a long while ago so everything Tyler said to Matt we all could of told him because it’s all about research I don’t believe he’s real he’s very vague and when he did Teresa giudice he said oh your dad feels guilty for your moms death and in her book she says her dad had pneumonia and was in the hospital a few days later her mom caught pneumonia as well and it killed her so Teresa’s father felt like it was his fault that she died so what he said to Teresa is explained already in her book (which I read ) I’ve been to mediums before I never seen them use a pad either someone comes threw or they don’t they have told me stuff about my grandparents ( who I never knew I was a baby when they past ) and when I asked my parents they said it was true so anything Tyler says is easy research you can find on google

  1. Tyler is…. greatest liar of all the time (GLOAT )

    • Everything he said you can find out online lol same with the feelings he got from when he read Kylie about “an unhealthy relationship. That’s in and out of her life ” as if he’s not referencing tyga

    • He says that he doesn’t watch TV so he didn’t even know who they were when they first met

  2. I don’t know why I sense a lot of sadness and insecurity in Khloe’s eyes. She doesn’t seem as confident and happy as she was years back. It’s like the more she improved herself physically the more she deteriorated on the inside. Funny how things work.

  3. Let me get my drawing board out. Khloe I have never seen you before. But I can tell that you had a father who was part of a big murder case.

    Khloe: omg my dad part the oj Simpson

    Me what

    • Marquel Small Everybody on the “Death Team;” oops, I meant the “Dream Team” literally started dropping off like fleas shortly after OJ was acquitted. They all suddenly & sporadically just died; w/the only two exceptions being OJ himself & Robert Shapiro. On the contrary, everyone who was on prosecuting team is still very much alive & well. How strange are those facts. Hmmm :-/…….

  4. He did nothing!!!! I already knew all the crap he said cuz I’ve sadly watched KUWK since season 1. It’s sounds like he has to🤔

    • please watch the try guys episode where he talked/visualized their past and future. the stuff he said there wasn’t something that you could search on the internet, especially for Eugene’s secret. 🙂

  5. Im tired of these so called psychics playing with people emotions like this. They use the emotional trauma have been through and use it to their advantage. All they really do is make generic educated guesses LOL. I notice he does the same pen and paper thing the Psychic Twins do and they have been wrong many times. This show is most likely scripted, just like all the other shows on E! Not impressed! DON’T BE FOOLED PEOPLE HE IS FAKE!

    • PitchPerfectNews he didn’t guess on this one, he watched episodes kuwtk

    • Yeah, but you gotta remember these people are stupid enough to fall for it. It’s just a way to weed out the idiots of the world lol

    • PitchPerfectNews NEWS FLASH! They’re ALL FAKE buddy! There’s NO SUCH THING as talking to the dead, or reading the future, or reading minds, or reading palms, or reading tea leaves, or reading ANYTHING…apart from written English of course. Well, unless you’re Spanish or whatever!

    • PitchPerfectNews I actually think that it’s possible to be psychic I knew almost a year before my cousin and his wife got pregnant with their first that the baby would be a boy and born in November sure enough that happened

  6. this is stuff he woulda known by watching the show. shes always talked about not being there when he died

    • Tyler Henry really knows how to touch people’s hearts. Thanks for the love! Be sure to tune in to #HMWTH on Wednesdays at 8/7c.

  7. People hates him because he does medium to get paid. Of course! He needs to get paid to live! If he gives it for free with everyone who wants reading then how would he pay his bills duh! I believe him and if you don’t i guess you still haven’t experience any miracle or supernatural event in your life!

    • Exactly. He should be paid for his service. If everything comes for free, someone need to work for free for their bosses before saying that 😀

    • I’m not convinced that he is real… Though I do believe there are people who consult familiar spirits (as we were warned not to do in the bible) I don’t believe he is real. Unless you insist on living a closed off life with no TV or internet… How can you say that you don’t know or haven’t seen a freaking Kardashian😐

    • wiltu dardcard So true it’s an energy exchange and it takes a lot out of a real reader especially long term ! I do believe he’s real.

    • Well yeah everyone should be paid for their service however if you pay 2 grand for a pair of Gucci heals and they end up being a knock off are you gonna be happy ? Like no he’s a phony everything he says is easy research threw google watch the YouTube video on him being exposed he’s a fraud he knew a few producers and a publicist and got himself a show and when a reporter asked him to read her to see if he was real his team never responded to her because she’s not all over google he only does celebrities some of the stuff he told these celebrities we have already known so I don’t buy into it one bit I have been to real deal mediums and I can tell you he’s not one do your research on how he got where he got and I guarantee you will raise some questions if he’s real or not to

  8. Do people really believe him omg it’s so cringe like there’s nothing nobody knows about the kardashians

  9. Does anyone even know what mediums are?? Do your research . pray for his soul and everyone he does these readings too…. Pray to Jesus

  10. But shouldn’t ever thing khole was saying the medium should have said first . He didn’t really reveal anything .

  11. I would start laughing when I see him drawing those lines like that 😂😂😂😂

  12. Who doesnt know about Robert Sr.?? Thats all they been speaking about for years.

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