KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian’s House Is Infested With Tarantulas! | E!

Spiders are all over Kourt's place! See Kourtney flip out when she discovers tarantulas strolling around her backyard again. Watch on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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KUWTK | Kourtney Kardashian's House Is Infested With Tarantulas! | E!


  1. “I’m going back to Beverly Hills, this Wild Wild West is not for me” 😂 😂 😂 whoever this girl is, she killed me!

  2. And Kourtney said she has a fear for spiders. I wish i looked so happy when i meet snakes and cockroaches. I would have been on the roof of the house 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    • obviously the spiders were placed there by E show….this show is 90% scripted…..no ones real life can produce a interesting show 24/7 wiithout it being scripted or a storyline

    • That’s just Kourtney and how she is. She’s like that with everything! Doesn’t mean she’s not scared of them. Everyone reacts differently

  3. I like how Kourtney is all about organic food and products but she still has pest control spray all over her property, lol. She says she wants a farm but I think it will defeat the purpose if she keeps calling pest control, hahaha. This clip was so funny.

    • Viridiana Vazquez
      Wtf? What does eating organic have anything to do with calling pest control because these freakishly huge and venomous spider are mating all over your house??

    • She wouldnt last a minute on a farm! 1) the kardashians hate actual work and 2) at a farm it is FULL of spiders, rats, flies and snakes!

  4. Kourtney is so laid back that i would imagine she’s the friend at the sleepover that spots the bug but then falls directly asleep and leaves you awake at nught

    • Tanisha Wilson She’s not laid back, she’s just brain dead so nothing registers up there. That’s why when you look in her eyes, nothings going on-like a maneqin.

  5. HELL NO!! I can’t even stand the little ones!! If those things popped up in my house, I’d get as far away as possible as quickly as possible.

  6. I would move out instantly at the sight of just one of those, I could barely watch the clip when they’d show it

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  7. How can tarantulas just hang around in someones house like omg its worse than a cockroaches 😳😳😳 I will have a heart attack

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