Ron Funches Doesn’t Like Louis C.K. and Happy He’s Getting Ripped For Parkland Jokes | TMZ

Louis C.K. deserves to get trashed for telling jokes about Parkland survivors, which just proves Louis is kind of despicable … so says fellow comedian Ron Funches.


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    • Francotirador because it’s sooo true and funny. I mean look at Hollywood the pc culture took over and since that killed comedy we get to laugh at you far out liberals and how gay you act over the littlest things. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings, I know you have thin skin and think you’re in your little safe space.

  1. He doesn’t like Dave Cappelle either. Apparently he thinks comedians need a “overall message” in their stand up.

    • Ron’s style is more goofy and “relatable,” stuff that is supposed to make everyone in the room feel good. He’s talented. But not all comedy is supposed to be like that. Sometimes you gotta go balls to the wall, which is what Louis tries to do a lot of the time. Hard to imagine a real stand up not appreciating that, as much as I like Ron.

  2. This dude is a clown its like a rec center basketball player talking about a pro.

  3. i accidentally saw this clown open for someone worth seeing, needless to say, the funniest thing about him is his voice.

  4. Ron Funches telling Louie how to do comedy is like Right Said Fred felling Prince how to write songs

  5. like theo huxtable wanna be jr 🙋🏿‍♂️🙄is mr perfect 🙄

    would love to funches theo huxtable wanna be jr 🙋🏿‍♂️in the ———-

  6. I’m not mad about this guy being mad at Louie. I cant fault him for that. But the argument he’s making about punching down is ridiculous. Comedy has no rules. Yes, you may lose half your audience, but there r no rules. And, Louie did a whole bit about ppl that are “lightspeed ugly. And we’ve all unanimously agreed that there’s no one in the world for them”. Was that a punch down? Hell yes! But if you watch that bit, is it funny? A resounding Hell yes! So i cant speak on Louie saying anything racist. Not up to me to decide. But not punching down is not a rule…. just saying

  7. Ummmm … am I the only person who missed the memo about comedians needing to be social justice warriors?! I prefer my comedy to be welcome relief from the crap going on in the world today.

  8. Who’s is he? And by the way, what are these rules of comedy?

    I went and tried to listen to him, I tried listening to him fat and skinny. He’s not as funny as any popular comedian so I see why he’s bitter

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