Sen. Chuck Schumer Says Dealing with Prez Trump is Like Dealing with Jell-O | TMZ

Sen. Chuck Schumer says potentially ending the government shutdown is gonna take a firm commitment from President Trump … and not his usual jiggling on the issues.


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  1. Whatever “agreement” they reach….let’s just hope Ann Coulter likes it. Otherwise, she may call Trump and frighten him again and he’ll change his mind.

  2. Alguém me explica porque o canal tem 3milhoes de inscritos e nenhum vídeo tem mais de 50mil views? Eles tem um site ou programa que é famoso lá na gringa?

  3. What do you have to offer this country chucky?Your whole stance is just whatever trump says I’m against it.Your just anti trump at any cost screw compromise and what’s best for the citizens of this country you corrupt old dinosaur.

    • R Watson u sound like an illiterate child. Trump says he doesnt want illegals here yet hes being investigated for hiring them. Makes perfect sense, not.

    • your hero said Mexico was paying for a wall but it’s on America to do it. but what do you care living in your parents basement with no obligations

  4. President Trump sends his most ignorant and untruthful tweets after he’s had a bucket of KFC original chicken, in bed, with the bones on his belly on a plate.. But both these two (Schumer and Trump) politicians are morons.

  5. i think it would be worst than jello it would be like dealing with a dry orange (rare) booger

    • They all seem happy cheering him on in the comments. Seems like you’re projecting because it bothers you lol

  6. Go Pelosi and Schumer we rule, can’t wait for 2020, then life can resume as normal and the last 4 years will be a figment of our imagination!😁

  7. No dealing with trump is like dealing with a toddler in a store that wants to buy a toy, but the parents said no so he sticks both fingers in his ears and starts constantly screaming and stomping around throwing a temper tantrum until he gets his way

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