Larsa Pippen Says Jordyn Woods Should Start Looking for New Place to Live | TMZ

Larsa Pippen's weighing in on the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, saying if she was Kylie Jenner … she'd put an eviction notice on Jordyn Woods' door pronto.


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    • *Adrienne Bailon and many other industry people confirmed its 100% true. People are not gonna risk their jobs telling lies on television for the Kardashians*

    • I think if this was “FAKE NEWS” Khole would have shut this down like she does everything eles. No body wanta this kind of attention

    • Exactly. They are trying to drum up some ratings for that failing reality show that 8s keeping them relevant.

    • If this really staged is foul and disgusting like why would you want to encourage thot behavior?

    • +amber roweonly kim unfollowed them that is jordyn and tristan the other kardashians still following her

    • She was separated from Scotty for years after he cheated on her throughout their entire marriage with 100 mistresses. Y’all keep talking about Future when Scotty lived and died by being a mess in the streets.

    • +E Bak Whether Scottie cheated or not doesn’t make it alright to do the same. That’s like if one person does bad is okay for me to do bad, what kind of mentality is that?

    • @TheRealist 811 – She never cheated because 👏🏾they👏🏾were👏🏾separated. Scottie did it while they were married throughout their marriage. I bring up Scottie cause the dragging her is unfair and baseless and the moral equivalency is way, way, *WAY* off.

  1. She looks super plastic!!! But haven’t the sisters slept with the same guy???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔IJS!!

  2. I feel more bad for Kylie than I do Khloe for the simple fact that Tristan had already proven to be a cheater…but Kylie has to be heartbroken right now bc this is her sister and best friend 😥

  3. Wait but you cheated on your Ex husband with future so how do you feel the need to have so much input about this lol🤦🏾‍♂️🤨lord the thot population is just getting bigger! Help😭😭

    • +Mei Zhen in fact every one is calling the girl a thot, a slut, and every name in the book…I dont see any one talking bad about pippin, in fact the only reason why I know of this girl is because of him…so I dont need the link, every one is calling her a thot and disrespect the girl in the video. So what every she did It must be true….so i dont need a link about this thot, she a hoe, bottom line. Dont need a rebuttal from you, she a hoe and every one in the comments knows it. She a hooooe, she a hooooooe!

    • They weren’t going to stop talking to her until she had some input. That’s how paparazzi work

  4. I used to have the “Biggest Crush” on Scottie Pippen and he chose this Piece of Trash!

  5. Why is it that everyone suddenly forgot that Khloe started dating Tristan while his girlfriend was in her second or third trimester

    • Exactly where was the outrage for his pregnant BM Jordan? I guess they didn’t gaf becuz she’s a WOC smh! So Tristan can literally have SEX with 52 other women and it doesn’t phase Khloe at ALL but when he simply KISSES her baby sister’s bestfriend THAT’S where he crossed the line!? Ooooook sis 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Why is the word *stolen* when it comes to men sleeping with women?Are these men babies who cant think for themselves?


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