Scott Disick Drives Down Memory Lane | Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons | E!

Kourtney Kardashian and her man cruise through Scott's childhood neighborhood. Is it too soon after the loss of his parents?


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Scott Disick Drives Down Memory Lane | Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons | E!


  1. I wish Kourtney let Scott take a picture with those girls. She was being selfish. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

  2. I love them but that was kind of rude for koutney to say no, I mean they have a show we watch it. Her fans support her. I mean I would have done the same thing and ask for a picture. Always be nice to your fans

  3. Maybe the negativity in Scott’s life wouldn’t be there if he didn’t deal with this b eveyday!!!! She’s always pushing him to be something more than who he already is

  4. Why can’t scott make the decision of taking the picture with those girls?! Why does kourtney have to? she could be soo controling..

  5. Woww My respected and admiration for Kourtney lowered after this video. I am a little disappointed in her and she was actually one of my fav Kardashians because of how down to earth she was, now she is getting so different! Sorry people no hate here l am just shocked. She could have taken a picture! Poor kids!

    • She’s honestly a snobby brat to me. In one episode, Khloe was talking about feeling bad for some homeless people and crack addicts she met and she said “who cares?!” since then, I realized how crappy she can be.

  6. She’s so rude and cocky she’s not even that good looking plz. Khloe rocks!!!!

  7. Oh my god, Kourtney should stay in the car & let Scott take a picture with them.

    • That’s what he should’ve done..maybe he got too upset to even think about doing just that

  8. She’s about to have her third child to him and she doesn’t know who he is? Has never seen the house he grew up in? This is the most unequal relationship, he has never been allowed to be the man in the house, or even find himself as a man. Especially with her undercutting him at every possible turn. I’ve not really followed this show, just videos on here, so admittedly I am late to the game and do not know all of the background. But with him in the papers with the model from NYC, I got curious. And I am beginning to see why he is so troubled. Did either one of these ever go to college? Did they actually have the time between 18-25 to be on their own as individuals and grow through that stage of life? Has he ever had his own apartment and lived on his own and had a group of males friends to hang with and learn how to be a man together with, or has it always been him captive in this witches coven? Scott is an alpha male trapped in a beta male’s life. In spite of his awful addiction to alcohol, I am feeling kind of sorry for him. It’s not too late for him to break free and claim a life of his own. He seems to have no space of his own emotionally or physically. It’s like she kept him as a pet, and when the pet grew up and became unmanageable, she is casting him aside, like a spoiled child. Maybe they are all like that in this family. Seems like father Robert was an adult alpha male, and he had to split to get away from this toxic estrogen.

    • Brigid he is troubled. She is way older than him and always trying to control him. He also lost both bis parents so that may contribute to the way he is.

  9. Wow kourtney that’s was low fans wanted take pictures with Scott and she so no sounded like jealously on her part

  10. At least the girls got to make it into an episode of kuwtk and scott called them nice like honestly thats better than getting a pic

  11. Wait how did Scott lose parents??? I need someone to reply to me pls

    Edit: I mean how they died if anyone knows…

  12. They Where in Long Island and I live on Long Island i’m like freaking out right now that Kourtney and Scott came to Eastport

  13. That was very rude of Kourtney to refuse those girls a phone pic How nasty of you Kourtney

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