Nikki Bella Consults With Family After Calling Off the Wedding | Total Bellas | E!

With Brie and mom Kathy by her side, Nikki deals with mixed emotions after calling off the wedding with John Cena. Watch the "Total Bellas" bonus scene.

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Nikki Bella Consults With Family After Calling Off the Wedding | Total Bellas | E!


  1. John cena and marriage in a last man standing

  2. Brie makes a really good point at the start. I think the foundation of John and Nikki’s relationship was WWE. But now that both are not really active with WWE as much, they don’t have that connection anymore. Their lives are moving in two different directions. That happens, it’s life. Take those 6 years you had and really cherish those times. As hard as it is, it’s okay to accept it wasn’t meant to last forever.

    • Mads I agree not everything last forever things change and she needs to relise that and move on

  3. I love them but this season is so confusing like the timeline like no this is not good

  4. Feeding fame off John cena and now thrashing him left and right
    It’s just sad to see all this nonsense and watch them pretend everything is cenas fault
    Clearly it’s their show and they’re going to be portrayed almost perfect in it.

  5. I’m so annoyed with the bella twins. John has been brutally honest with nikki since day one. As weird as the contract was. He was honest and she choose to stay by his side. She wanted a ring and he gave it to her because he understood it was important for her, but that wasn’t good enough. She lied to herself and I find it selfish that you put the guy through that and 6years later you decide it’s not what YOU want.

    • I disagree because the reason she wanted to get married because she love him and a baby because she had a connect with birdie witch make her want one and you should think about it I’m not trying to tell you how to lived your life

    • I just think people need stop committing if they have nothing nice to say , you don’t know what she feeling your not her and not your life so who cares and let her decide what makes her happy , everyone deserves happiness i wish them both all the happiness moving toward

  6. The man of ur life nikki, is the one you were dancing with at the competition darling. Cena is old for u . He only loves making love you all times. But he’s not the one for you.

  7. I am so sorry for you Nikki. Follow your heart. What is for you, will be for you. Take it one day at a time.

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