Sen. Ted Cruz Says Celebrities are Hypocrites on Gun Control | TMZ

Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't want to hear a peep from Hollywood about gun control — in the wake of the Florida high school shooting — 'cause he says they're operating under a double standard.


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    • Daniel Mazahreh you must have done some research. Good for you. I seen where you deleted your comment. Glad your thinking for yourself

    • Guns don’t kill people stupid idiots psychopaths kill people. Nobody has blamed the teen in the Florida shooting, it was the guns fault

    • Gods Gift amen to that! You can prove almost every anti gun nut a hypocrite, just ask them while they/family are in the middle of being, raped, knifed, or any other horrific crime, if they prefer to wait the 7 to 20 minutes for a police officer, state boy, or sheriff, or would they mind if someone with a CCW helped out in 10 to 15 seconds or less? Just wondering?

    • You have it backwards…the perp had a pistol….the hero had an AR-15. I live 20 miles away.

  1. Very true. I see the kardashians talking about gun control yet they have a ton of security with guns since they got robbed. Hypocrites

    • Bryar Gilbert ? I read all my responses and I don’t see me writing that I conceal carry, I did write that I have licenses to work as armed security. And what do you mean by, ‘Why not just wear on your hip’? Last time I checked, you can still conceal carry on your hip just by untucking your shirt or wearing a jacket or blazer.

    • John Tuya background checks already account for all that. When people say gun control they mean banning “scary” looking guns or specific gun parts. It’s about limiting the rights of some people.

      You have a higher chance of drowning in a bathtub then dying in a mass shooting. Objectively speaking, America does not have a critical gun problem

    • jaysenior88ify
      The NRA doesn’t give as much money as you think.

      The abortionists get money from government to murder, and you’re perfectly ok with that?

      What was it you said about him not caring? Interesting…

      You genocidal sobs!

    • Diane M ..But the 1973 Roe vs Wade historic ruling in favor of Roe and abortion was a 7 to 2 vote of majority conservative supreme judges ! Why? because they know what’s in it and the hypocrisy of the Right !

    • jaysenior88ify you want to pull the race card? Ok. Let’s take a look at all of the most desirable country’s to live in. Tell me what all of them have in common? Yep they’re all ran by white people. If you hate white people so much then by all means move to a county that doesn’t have them.

  2. Actors are against the 2nd amendment but get paid hundreds of millions to portray gangsters, action heros, vigilantes etc on screen who use guns. Not only that, they have armed security everywhere they go. Seems legit. At least we have a select few people like Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis that are not complete hypocrites.

    • ESponge2000 but predators are everywhere and so
      are criminals! Utopia is a foolish idea because it’s impossible and unrealistic! That is not reality that’s foolishness and blindness!

    • ESponge2000 they need a good whipping, and if they had shot someone or beat another up, they should be incarcerated for the crime! “Hugs and love” that shite does not deter crime moron! Nor does mental counseling for its the choice they made and all!

    • ESponge2000 assault rifles are full automatic guns and only the military have these (don’t know about the police though) That means when the trigger is pressed it releases several rounds at a time. Semi auto is a round burst for every pull of the trigger.

  3. Well said. Hollywood and liberals are nothing but the biggest hypocrites. Reminds me of Will Ferrell saying capitalism is terrible while he makes 20 million dollars a movie.

  4. Of course he’s right. You think criminals are going to hand in their guns if they make guns illegal tomorrow?

  5. Want fewer guns? Then Hollywood celebrities should give up their armed protection first and ask their local police to respond unarmed. Create their own defence free zones for their families, friends and colleagues.

    • Dan Drago leftist thugs that hide behind kinder benign sounding self descriptions of “liberal” “progressive” they are the enemies the founders forewarned us about “enemies foreign and domestic”

  6. He ain’t lying specially the ones that live in their gated community with armed guards. Don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into their home

    • Crown royal
      He probably doesn’t own anything anyone wants. Either that, or he’s full of chit.

    • It`s a social issue. Nothing more, nothing less. Times where feelings succeds over reason are dark times. A lot of uneducated/misinformed people out there.

    • *David Smith* your profile screams ”disinfo social media agent”….but the second says *SHALL NOT INFRINGE* first off, secondly…liberals and tyrants always present their tyranny and lies as sugar coated rainbows usually named to disarm, no pun intended, and soften and sound logical and is always named or described as in direct contrast to the actual meaning…overt or covert… and framed as a moral, social and common sense ”litmus test” designed to shame, guilt, pressure(especially peer) and insult those into agreeing or those who disagree….and at the same time eliciting  destructive negative rushed decision making processes and habits via emotion, impulsivity and ignorance…’s an effective and very successful proven strategy used by tyrants and liberals encompassed in these next few metaphors and analogies that really capture the essence of the concept and points with clarity, effectiveness and efficiency….”slow frog boil strategy”…..”thin edge of the wedge”….”give an inch they take a mile”…..”foot in the door, just enough to allow the mice and racoons in to rip poop and roar”

    • The Tick I also never had cancer, so we should just throw away cancer medicine right? Your lucky, thats it. I will never relinquish my firearms just because you want me too, you don’t get to dictate my right to survive and protect those I love.

    • They are owned by Fox so they probably put more effort into showing both sides than fake news CNN

    • yeah, you’re right !?? Maybe give them the pass that CNN gets to join the white house press conference room because they’re more objective and neutral then that embaressing “new network” CNN.

  7. As a gun owning European, he is so much right. Modern day liberalism is a mental disorder

    • Max Linx mental disorder, problem is usa overall. nra are same people who is guns yet sell guns to drug cartels and terrorists. americans dont want to hear that

    • The NRA does not sell anything. The Cartels hav far easier ways of getting hardware than importing it from the U.S.A. Last time I check their rifle of choice the AK-47 is made in the commie bloc nations

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