Snoop Dogg’s Son Cordell Broadus — Peace Out, Bruins! Quits UCLA Football | TMZ

Snoop Dogg's son Cordell Broadus — one the most highly recruited high school players in the country — just dropped a bombshell … he's quitting the UCLA football team to "pursue other passions."

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Snoop Dogg's Son Cordell Broadus — Peace Out, Bruins! Quits UCLA Football | TMZ


  1. I don’t blame him. Student athletes get no pay and have to spend all of their time practicing and taking fake classes. Good for him

    • Lol I am d1 commit for next year and my brother play at uofa, Athletes do get “paid” one way or another in college lol and they hardly take any class, teachers do that work for them.

      He didnt continued it because he didnt had it in him and knew he didnt lol I respect him for putting up with his own decesion but that was prolly it, Lot of people under estimate what football players have to go through (sports wise, they have it lot easier in other things)

    • Parma zyxwvu I disagree. He didn’t quit because it was “too tough”. He quit because he loves film and ucla is a great film school. He only did football to plz his dad

  2. im going to college for film right now but i can honestly say that if i had the talent and opprunity to play ball id take it. but if hes happy hes happy do ur thing

    • +K Grant Nah Cordell was never truly committed. He did it to make Snoop proud. I can relate. I ran track because a lot of my family did but it was never a passion. After a while it grew on me so I did it for a few years and became pretty good. But then it suddenly I did not want to do it anymore so I quit on it.

  3. on snoop and son..cordell said he only played football to be closer to his dad and make him proud…cordell really didn’t enjoy playing

    • +ISMOKEHIPHOP TV yes something did happen he didn’t enjoy it. Stop trying to dig into someone life and act like u know their story. the young man never wanted to do football and tht is wht happened he was forced into it. I can feel tht because I went through something similar and I hate when outsiders looking in try to speculate someone else’s life and why or why not they want to go another way or something was never their passion. He’s tired of trying to make other ppl happy he just want to be happy and films make him happy. I mean god

    • +ISMOKEHIPHOP TV awww you’re that butt hurt. Lmao…well I am on a more higher level not to be so immature and ignore your childish attention seeking behavior. All I can say is anger management or mental Institute. Pick which one apply to you. Have a nice day

    • +YoungBrasoTV​​ tht is great…at least u have some common sense not to go all crazy about someone who don’t even know u. I have way more respect f tht u are happy he is back then the rest of these no life having losers. Thats good happy u are happy

    • +dolomite Rydah
      Snoop’s the most fake bandwagon fan. He’s pretty much repped every team that’s been successful in college football. He has no loyalty. I’m a USC alumni/fan and I couldn’t care less what team Snoop wants to call himself a “fan” of.

  4. Smart man he wants to be knoe for his artiest outlook and give back to people and life and be just another meat head like most jocks

  5. He no way would have quit if he wasn’t already living like an NFL because of his rich famous dad.

    • +thewraithize there is a lot more money in the entertainment  industry  . he has made a wise choice   if his hart was in it he would of stayed.  but  a good decision  for his future

  6. I guess you could say he “dropped it like its hot”, and is “ready for the next episode” of his life

  7. Props to him!

    Follow your passion and do whatever makes you happy. I’m glad he followed film making since that’s what he loves and nobody can stop you from doing what you want to do. I hope most parents realize you can’t force your kids to become a doctor or a football player all the time. besides, the kid never really liked football.

  8. Why wait for a concussion when he can spare his health and do movies, lucrative and better chance at remaining healthy with a good brain. He reconsidered I’m sure.

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