Soulja Boy Says He’s Done with Gucci After Blackface Scandal | TMZ

Soulja Boy is kicking Gucci to the curb after its blackface scandal — and considering how much he's repped 'em and spent on them … this is really bad for business.


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  1. It was all done for publicity and to stoke racial tensions. They knew full well today’s political atmosphere and they knew what kind of reaction that sweater would get. Don’t kid yourself Gucci wanted a big politically offensive fiasco to put in the media so libs can say everyone is racist.

    • Designers only care about their primary target customer/consumer… and it’s definitely not anyone in hip hop. Everyone should stay in their lanes

    • +Ken Masters Their primary target is MONEY! Since the early 2000’s that money has come from the hip hop world. Millions of dollars. The problem is that they have grown too comfortable and somehow feel they can degrade the people that keep their doors open. Familiarity breeds contempt! Well, if they can do as well without the “hip hop dollar”, good for them.

    • +Ichigo Red that’s where your mistaken. Gucci is a part of a larger faction. Hip hop dollars only make up a very small percentage of their total revenue. They are a multi billion dollar company established since 1921. Theyve been thriving way before hip hop and will do so regardless because hip hop is not their primary consumer, nor will it ever be. Proof is in their actions as show here

    • Thankyou exactly what ive been saying…i think certain companies get black mailed 2 do certain shocking …national enquire perfect example.

    • +Ambrose UFO my point exactly. its all for name brand recognition. thats why when you say “no one should” pay for these overpriced products, you know damn well people will just to be cool

    • It truly has amazed me how people spend soomuch damn money, on bags, cloths etc and some of them feel thhat these are the ONLY brands they can wear/use…smh

    • C U exactly…ppl were stupid for buying in the first damn place smh…. how were they even racist lol.

    • +Daeveon FLAMES damn right..I can afford a Gucci purse, but not really into spending that kind of money because of a name on anything . I happen to come across a Gucci purse that I actually liked, but still wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money for a purse or a name, therefore I got on amazon and ordered a knock off. I like the style but after this controversy I don’t know if I even want to carry the knock off.

  2. No way he is giving the Gucci away. He’s willing to fold on “cut that cheque & give me a personal apology” soft

    • That only proves that you need good approval to keep buying his clothes stop depending on other people you make my head hurt because I can’t get the fact that Gucci have clothes that nobody else can make or what I’ve never bought into that whole Gucci on label anyway I don’t get it so you need to not get it and don’t ask Gucci for an apology because it would not be a truthful apology because it was in production and he put it out there and that’s what he meant so stop waiting for people to apologize to you for what they really really mean people

    • +OTG CAPO is how life is. lets be honest if not with me with ureself. if gucci told you to advertise them for 10 million dollar check would you not do it?

  3. Ray J all quiet with the hoodie on smoking a cig and avoiding eye contact lol.. cocaine is one hella of a drug 😅

  4. I will be picking up everyones Gucci gear who is boycotting the brand starting today. Let me know where to pick everything up and at what time and I will be there to relieve you of the burden of having Gucci. Thank you.

    • +Tina Howard Wow your iq level shows in your emotional response to something that’s said in sarcasm and humor. I’m so glad that your bout it in life. Good luck to your future in prison or in a cemetary since your so down for murder…🤔

    • +Tina Howard Watch my mouth you say…So what are you planning on doing since I guess you run it like that.

  5. The sad part is you can ask so many of these Black rappers to name a Black designer, and they probably can’t. But they can spout off Gucci, Prada and every other brand that could literally give a *** about them. But that is what slavery has done to us.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂did you really just say that. Did you really just bring in slavery. Baby you sound silly you need to take that down.

    • +Nashawn Boyd i know what you said. and that doesnt change the fact that these rappers are still supporting the company.

    • Because there isnt a HIGH END brand. Tou couldn’t do it without google too, so cut the bullshit. Bigger problems in the world ,like grugs , gangs, and violence. I dont care about who likes me or not. No physical violence is at my door, so i could care less. Life goes perfectly on.

    • Jwda thefax i think we’ll have to agree to disagree. If LVMH owns all of one company and 42% of another – even if they’re involved in litigation it’s contradictory to say that they have nothing to do with each other. Good talk.

    • +CJ -NYC I hear what you’re saying, but I’m saying that it looks like the court stuff is over, unless Lvhm decided to take it back to court. Gucci sold their 42% to someone else is what the court situation was about. But hey, at least you didn’t result to name calling like most people when they’re disagreed with on the Internet. Have a good one. 👍

  6. “Its not even about the money”.. few seconds later, “is there anything they can do to bring you back” CUT THAT CHECK lol

  7. What kind of fool gets a tattoo of a clothing brand he doesn’t own o his forehead?? I can’t 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄👀👀👀

    • +Too much I said? You’re user name speaks for itself I mean come on dude, really? Is this really the best you could do right now. Life is to short for all that. Okay say it was “all black people problems” to entertain this nonsense don’t you think this is spreading more negitivity? When we do this its all the “white mans” fault or its all these black ppls fault pointing the finger doesn’t help anything. I mean you can’t even say its black people anymore though either way because bow we see white people spanish people dude have you seen that little asian boy who tried to call himself “Rich Chigga” at one point? I mean its completely ridiculous either way don’t you think?

    • +Too much I said? Yup you’re right. You are just extremely bored so you thought “Hmm.. what to do? Oh! I know imma go and trigger some random black people on youtube.*Lel* ” I bet $100 bucks you are probably black. 🤦‍♀

  8. Didn’t Oprah go to Gucci in Italy & was told it was not for her because she is black.. when they tell you who they are, believe it!! Research before you spend your money 💴

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