Steve-O Stills Suffers Over Trauma Late Mom Suffered | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The reality star is moved by the young clairvoyant's spot-on reading while connecting to his late mother. Watch the moment on “Hollywood Medium.”

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
Explore the life of this clairvoyant medium as he provides an exclusive perspective into celebrities’ private lives, captivating fans as their stories unfold on camera. One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection, and closure with loved ones who have passed on.

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Steve-O Stills Suffers Over Trauma Late Mom Suffered | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. My mom just died from the exact same way from a brain aneurysm ruptured and I can relate with dealing with the trama she was my everything I would give anything to have a reading with him

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that my mom was bed bound for 5 yrs and she recently passed away I think the loss of my sister she just gave up on herself

  3. Geminis and thoughts…..
    Your greatest gift and weakness. You will conquer or destroy it all if your not able to harness your mind and brain…the sooner the better.
    Possible suggestions from me. Master meditation and the knowing that your thoughts and body can worked toward slowing and balancing so that your thoughts dont wonder into irrationality and obession over things. Master your ability to stop and focus on your breathing, remember we can make time for things, but first and foremost should be your overall well being. And find whatever it is that brings you love,health,peace and joy and do that whenever you start feeling or thinking negatively. Good luck steveo i faith in your new found connectivity to life and God/love. Your choice to go and stay vegan and to fight and show your actions of selfishness and awarness are for those with no voice and little suppport to be treated as equal beings from god by your peers…youve really have earn my love respect.

    • Thanks for sharing these words ! Im a gemini but i dont immerse myself in the horoscope astrology world but I DO have a lot of trouble tuning my mind and heart and translate both into one smooth feeling/action. Its something i always have to work one and im realizing that now.
      Also i love how you said God/love
      God is love but people are scared to believe in Him but all he is is love life miracles and all things beauty

    • i think it’s monitoring his brain and heart rate, which is what dr drew is looking at

    • They’re monitoring his brain so they can see what goes on while he’s reading

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