Switchfoot Talks New Album & Karen Pence Going Back to Work | TMZ

Jon Foreman & Drew Shirley of Switchfoot talk about their new album (Native Tongue) and share their thoughts on the controversy surrounding Karen Pence going back to work at school that allegedly bans LGBTQ students.


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  1. Are these guys saying its more important to ignore the rules set out by the Creator who Gave his life for us to be saved yet he at times had to destroy humans because they were lgbtq and sodomites? But now its ok we can sin and do everything he said not to do because we have love? Love is the truth… Love is telling someone hey dont do that its wrong have morels and be righteous tell no lies and a man and woman shale make a family not man and man or woman and woman they can not even have baby’s that way and to hate your body is to hate what the creator made you as… So sad to see switchfoot lie and spread sin!

    • That’s not what they’re saying, but they also know that TMZ is fishing for anything they can blow out of proportion. They’re trying not to get misrepresented.

    • Go ahead. Judge. Point fingers. What is more Christlike? Get that block of wood out of your eye.

    • Get a grip! It’s always the bible thumpers that are the least like Jesus for some reason. You couldn’t possibly know what love is while carrying around so much hate in your heart. Sad.

    • Tmz is fishing for hate. Not gonna find it on Switchfoot and their new album Native Tongue!!!

    • It is indeed important for everyone to have a relationship with God, and it is indeed true that those who don’t are HOSED. Man, it sure is a good thing that “God is not slow to fulfill His promises–as some understand slowness–but is patient; not desiring that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”!
      If you believe that LGBTQ-ness is detrimental to a person’s relationship with God–which, as Christians, we believe it is–then pray for them. Witness to them. If they’re hungry, give them something to eat. If they’re thirsty, give them something to drink. If they’re naked, clothe them. If they’re sick, nurture them. If they’re in prison, visit them. You know why? Because not only is that what Jesus said to do, but it’s what He did Himself while He was here. Then they will be receptive to the Truth. I might add that these are all things Switchfoot has been doing as a band for over twenty years.
      But have you considered this, Sir, the spiritual warfare we Christians experience at the hand of the enemy because of our relationships with God? If we hold people–people God loves–to the same standards of righteousness we ought to be holding ourselves and our fellow Christians to, we are putting those non-Christians in the direct line of fire of that same spiritual warfare, and they are not equipped to fight that fight BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE THE WORD OF GOD IN THEIR HEARTS!
      I do not think that insisting that all laws and schools and whatnot adhere to the laws of God is what God commands us to do, and it certainly doesn’t make undecided people want to be like those Christians.

  2. If anything good comes out of TMZ trying to stir people up for no reason, it should be that YOU know now that switchfoot just put out an album and you should go listen to it.

  3. I love that TMZ tried to bait them with siding on controversial issues. Jon and Chad are too smart to fall for that.

  4. So I guess nobody’s interested in Switchfoot’s new album? “Wow, your 11th studio album in 22 years, that’s a huge accomplishment,” nothing like that? They just saw Jon and Drew and instantly thought they should bring up an extremely controversial subject with a camera and see what happens? I didn’t know they were politicians.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure they pledge allegiance to a country without politicians.

    Or borders, for that matter.

  5. There needs to be a defined difference between Love and Acceptance. I dont depression but I Love someone who is Depressed. There is a BIG difference.

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