T.I. Adds Burberry to List of Fashion Brands to Boycott | TMZ TV

T.I. is speaking up again.


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  1. black fashinon lines like Fubu, Rockawear, Sean John, Karl Kani, Pele Pele, Apple bottom, were popping in the lat 90’s and early 2000’s til white companies like Sears came and bout them out maybe instead of boycotting these rappers need to start their on fashion lines again like kanye west did, people said Kanyes clothes looked like homless people clothes but if they were so ugly why did Louie Vatton steal his head designer Virgil Abloh and make him head of their meanswear line?

    • Some of these are still around, others like Fubu and Rocawear just weren’t stylish. To be a good brand you need to slowly evolve and keep up with the times, and you can’t pigeonhole yourself. Fubu and Rocawear were brands associated with little kids and teenagers. You don’t see tweens wearing expensive designers. Pelle Pelle, Sean John and Kani are all dope, still around and associated with grownups, they have a shot at making a bigger comeback.

    • +Re Up Well balck people need to start promoting them on red carpets shouting them out in music videos etc, meek mill’s clothers all come from a black designer cant recall the name right now, we dont need them euro brands we the culture not them.

    • Well Sears was owned by a black man at first it was Roebuck-Sears then he sold it and it became just Sears….

  2. Damn, black people are boycotting everything. I heard they were planning to boycott toilet paper because it only comes in white.

  3. I stay boycotting every clothing brand that costs as much as a used car. Unless I can find it at Marshall’s for $50 you can keep it!!

  4. Ti is a clout chasing dying rapper haaaaa haaaa haaaa he weak sauce and old news always tryin to find a way to stay relavant 🚮

    • +I SEE BOTH SIDES i doubt that when that designer was making that outfit he was thinkin about racism or targeting a certain race at all .. Every culture has been hung at one point in history .Its 2018, yes i agree that certain things still exist but come on .. I come from a mixed culture family and my brothers never bring up this type of argument because its time to move forward ..people keep racism alive by doing and saying the things that have a huge impact on influence in pop culture and life drop the subject and eventually the hate will stop im shure

    • +I SEE BOTH SIDES i understand where your coming from but i think that maybe u should travel or educate yourself on what things are really happening in todays times other then listening to the older generations who have hate in there hearts and are stuck in there ways it seems maybe ur influenced by a group of people who will forever pass on that type of negativity . i really wish u happiness and your family as well god bless yall man

  5. This is ridiculous 😃this is getting out of hand 😵get over it People😏 PC is Dead Forever😉 one more thing everybody stop apologizing for everything 😎

  6. Start buying black brands. My son and his friends love Big Baller Brand.. Support your own

  7. Did you know there are people that own designer clothes and they don’t even own a house let alone a mansion. Some don’t even own a car. Imagine wearing 3000 dollars worth of clothes to walk to the store.


  9. TI came out saying he spend millions on Gucci each year when they are so many ambitious black designers out here making top quality very nice stuff but these celebs don’t spend on their own they spend on the Europeans and not spend that amount of money on their own people but they looking for the black folks to support their music, their CONCERTS, they make their money off hardworking black folks and then turn around spend that money on European companies making them bigger and more wealthy, we as a people need to stop supporting these artists and celebrities who don’t support, advertise, and spend with black owned companies and Fasion because when you support these artists and celebs they not supporting you they supporting Europeans.

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