Dr. Drew Questions Jussie Smollett’s Character, Not Mental Health | TMZ

Dr. Drew — like the rest of the world — is having trouble processing who Jussie Smollett would stage an "attack" … but one thing's clear to the doc … it's more about character than mental health.


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  1. Jussie Smollett is a great actor because when they interviewed him before everything hit the fan, he made tears come out of his eyes. 🙂

    • 💯! He wasted police time & resources and most importantly he took the focus & attention away from REAL victims! What he did is absolutely disgusting. He used racial tension and hatred towards the president to try to benefit himself.

    • During the press conference,the CPD said he did all this because of his salary. Now that was a bold statement. Did Jussie confess? If so,how come that is not top news. The case would be closed. CPD is known for corruption.

    • I Hope he Gets Jail Too but, He Might Like it There in Fact he might even Kill Someone to Spend the rest of his life Surrounded by Hard Men…

    • +T Br not even lol, you said you could say a lot and then you didn’t even say a lot, why’d ya do that

  2. He is not mentally impaired, he is just an opportunist and have been selfish apart from his own ego.

    • how are you so sure about his mental state, do you know him personally or just what you see on tv

    • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏PERIOD END OF STORY!

    • +Mike Carter calling white people crackers is racist. And what are you mad at Dr Drew for? Why aren’t you mad at Jussie for fabricating something that clearly shouldn’t have to be fabricated consider all the racism that’s still going on in this country? I.e. you calling white people crackers.

  3. That chick behind him was REALLY trying to get her 15 mins!!! security even walked up and said step aside and she wouldnt lol tf?

    • +68Camaro RS/SS What kind of statement is that? You clearly have a character flaw like Jussie… Supose someone told you “You must be a fagget being all up in ur feelings like that… I just saw ur profile pic, and yep ur a fagget”…

    • She’s just trying to get some wisdom from the superior white male. Let the sister be.

    • +68Camaro RS/SS – lol that’s an irrelevant and stupid statement !! Do you always bring race into everything??

    • She’s cute her lil head over the shoulder like lady wisdom just staring into the camera, she was also standing there first

    • +Jammzy you are aware you already made a response you utter failure of human intelligence.

    • Yep he did this to generate hate and anger towards white Trump supporters, it had nothing to do with a salary raise or whatever BS they’re saying. He hates Trump like most liberals but he took it to a next level. He would have said nothing if people started retaliating on white people. He would have said nothing if two white people were arrested and charged with his fake crime

  4. Being an actor is basically pretending a situation is real, he obviously couldn’t separate his work from his real life, sad really.

  5. I disagree that he should be put back on TV. He’s obviously a weird, creepy lunatic, why would we need people looking up to him?

    • C Martin hmm. That’s a good point. And he implicated Brazilians. Let’s see if people have the same energy with Jussie. Fyi I don’t think Jussie should be back on tv

      I think he did it for his ELITE owners. If we still see him on tv, then that means he did it for the puppet masters behind the scenes

    • Folks like to watch car crashes. Should he “be put back on TV?” nah… will he end up back on TV? Likely.

    • +AnthrosPoor you, judging an individual by what race they are, what a shame, 2019 and you have the narrow out of touch perspective of a racist fool from the 1940s

      God bless you,

      Your Just panicking that the world around you is changing and your out look is fading away and has no value Aaaaaar lol

    • +MANGO ZOO It’s the opposite, after the ridiculously liberal millenials comes Gen Z that is showing signs everyday of being a much more conservative generation.

    • +Degenerates Like You Belong On a Cross let me guess, you are apart of the conservative generation?

  6. Mental health, no. It was all about greed and attention. He’s a narcissist. Lots of millennials are.

  7. There are people who lie to simply get attention, get out of trouble, and then there are those who do it because they can’t help it. It’s a part of their character, like Dr. Drew is talking about in this video. Some people just need to lie; this might be one lie that puts him in jail. Horrible way to go to prison…

    • Jimmy Moonshine and if somebody is s pathological liar, it’s often associated with certain mental health diseases

  8. He waste a lot of ppl time money and energy the time he took out the entire emergency system to have them looking for 2 men that he made to like he was robbed Jussie deserve whatever he gets coming to him in the end

    • Robert Johnson not true Rosanne is racist she was just making a racist comment about a woman of color just recently.

    • Beanie Lou how could you fix your mouth to say black privilege there was never black privilege. Only white privilege white peoples are the only ones who get away with everything.

  9. I’ve seen several people refer to Jussie as a ‘kid’. The man is 35! Dr. Drew nailed it when he said this situation is more about personal character than mental health.

  10. The irony in this video is surreal. He’s discussing the baffling nature of human attention-seeking while a woman behind him desperately mugs for the camera. Amazing.

    • CrazyCountrySouthernBelle don’t offend kids. my eight year old is smarter than him. and she doesn’t go around conjuring up fake events to hold a victim status.

    • Jussie is 36. Dr. Drew is twice his age and from his point of view Jussie is just a kid.

  11. It’s narcissism. He WANTED the spotlight that comes with being a victim. In the interview his eyes lit up and he smirked as he said “now I’m one of them” while referring to actual victims of hate crimes.

    • +Bossy Tweed right its a behavioral problem – I dont know where on the spectrum he lies, not sure if he’s malignant or not

    • Will Lewis He wanted money, that’s the real motive. If his publicity goes up, more people buy his music, merch, and ratings go up.

    • Rings very true. The plan doed clearly seems like Super NARCISSIST made up the scheme, they are all like Lex Luther, they can’t see anything past how great they are, therefore how super genius anything they will be, in their small delusion NARCISSIST minds.

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