Ted Bundy Survivor Says Zac Efron Movie Doesn’t Need Blood, Gore | TMZ

Zac Efron's movie about Ted Bundy is pissing off a lot of people who were expecting tons of bloodshed and violence — but one survivor of Bundy's killing spree says the lack of gore is a good thing.


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  1. The movie did have any killing and was great it should ted’s mental state

  2. Yea turn the clean cut white serial killer into a Heart throb.. movie made me sick they romanticized a sick serial killer .. but what’s new

    • Frank Kohout The name of the movie is Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

    • +Jayell Finally someone gets it. It’s not a biopic about Ted Bundy, or anything like that, but an adaptation of Liz’s memoirs, looking at the situation from her point of view. She didn’t see the murders, she saw the man she loved and thought to be incapable of such things get dragged through the court system, until more and more evidence came out and his power over her began to fade as she was able to see him for who he was. It did a great job in showing the conflict she felt. And actually, Zac Effron did pretty well in mirroring his mannerisms

  3. I know shes a survivor but cmon does she really think shes like the first one this has been happened to? Honestly time has passed since its happened like sorry but nah

    • but shes the only ted bundy survivor…get off ur high horse i mean donkey

  4. Spoiler:
    I thought it was interesting how they never showed him actually harming the girls (except for the end) and it actually made it seem like he wasn’t capable of doing those things

    • because its the girlfriends version of it…she didnt see any of that

    • I think that’s what they were going for. It was how bundy eluded cops for so long

  5. The ppl who write love letters to serial killers are going to love this movie.

  6. Um. They needed it for it. Just like alot of others. Its a biopic for Ted Bundy

    • It’s not though. It’s an adaptation of his wife’s memoirs

    • +Basquiat_The_Creator still involves him tho i enjoyed the movie! It was well done. Just think its weird that she didnt want blood and gore in a film about a serial killer. When like every serial killer thing i seen blood and gore. Because its apart of his story sure it sucks for survivors to see it but they didnt have to watch it right idk its weird to me. But thank you for the correction πŸ™‚

    • maskofsanitycob think about the victims. Imagine if your family member was murdered and someone made a movie about. It’s respectful not to be super bloody and full of gore. Damn

    • +Jonesy Doe don’t have to get offended or offensive. I will never know how they feel because i haven’t walked in their shoes. But to understand in a scientific way how someone could get that way psychologically is being studied. You need key parts and you need to know. Also they didnt need to watch it.

  7. yeah don’t show the gore because god blessed you didn’t see it either right.

  8. She shouldn’t even watch the movie,she’s so lucky she survived

  9. I can’t imagine how terrifying that man actually was in person.

  10. I think the movie was well done….im also curious to know if they linked any other murders after he was executed as ppl believed there could b more victims

    • They believe he killed over 100 ppl – and that’s a very conservative estimate. He was truly an evil thing- not a man – a thing

  11. I feel like it must of been really difficult for her to revisit this frightening turn of events

  12. He was a sick monster, he came close to our neighborhood, he had a type, scary as hell. I’m still looking over my shoulder.

  13. I love that it wasn’t gory because it made the movie unpredictable I literally that it would be like one of many but it wasn’t and I wasn’t mad. It was greatly put together

  14. I watched it yesterday on Netflix and didn’t realize it was about Ted Bundy until towards the end lol

  15. is she the hotty ffrom the supermarket where bundy held her in the car, omg she was so hot in the documentary

  16. I watched it, and I thought the same thing, where is the crime played out?
    But Bundy never confessed until the end and he never gave detail.
    You see the basics.

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