Miley Cyrus Yells ‘Free Britney’ During Beale Street Festival | TMZ

Miley Cyrus appears to believe Britney Spears was recently being held at a mental health facility against her will … and the proof is in tweaked lyrics to her biggest song.


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    • +Missing In Action My opinion..I don’t know Britney. I think it’s a chemical in balance. And stress makes it worse.
      There’s other parts of the body they can get hair.
      The day after she flew to California. My co-workers asked me…Hey did you see the news about Britney? I thought she might of hurt herself. I was happy she was okay…but kinda shock she shaved her head. But then again…she was acting so erratic.

    • +SeaBass SeaBass ohhhh, that makes a lot of sense. I didn’t even think about the fact that they could get hair from somewhere else 😆 but yeah… the poor dear. I was like 11 when she shaved her head, I was thinking that she just wanted a cool hairstyle Haha, but then I watched a sort of kooky documentary, and yeah. Thanks for responding ✌☺

    • Guys it’s about the conservatorship she’s been trapped for 11 years against her will by lawyers and judges (involved with MJ and another case of conservatorship linked with a homicide) that have taken all her human rights away and are milking her and her assets for money, you can dig up the court documents online it’s public

  1. Well hot damn…. I feel for Brittany… 💰 and fame seem too do something to people..

  2. Its truly a shame what they are doing to brit….whatever IT is. Everytime shes on video its clearly scripted. Even someone with mental issues isnt that robotic…somethings up.

  3. If you slow the video down to half speed it clearly says Free Britney. Case closed

    • He got sick look it up its not that fucking crazy when people have money they just say its rehab or a mental thing so they cant film shock therapy and just doing mind numbing things we are all jist human and can only take so much and there good people just liks there is bad people in higher and lower classes america and the world

  4. Britney is not playing the way they want her to. She wants to break away- CAN’T. Stuck- owe too much/ too many. She will either “get well” ( agree to what they want) or will suffer a lethal case of Illuminati Pneumonia.

    • U forgot the ‘died of natural causes ‘ like the 13 yr old cheerleader n QUITE a few others.oh yeah ‘heart attack ‘ too

  5. she’s not in jail man… she’s in space and adventure camp for rich ppl with mental issues or something.. REEELAX!!!

  6. I remember seeing katy perry make jokes about mental health referring to britney in multiple interviews. What a vile woman.

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