The Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa divorce is getting nasty!!! | TMZ

Both Amber and Wiz are accusing each other of cheating … and also, Nick Cannon’s doing pretty well.

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The Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa divorce is getting nasty!!! | TMZ


  1. With the history Amber has, she’s looking REALLY suspect right now. All due respect to Wiz, who really would find him attractive?

    • +HJW018 so you are saying it would be better if ladies would go after looks and not what some guy has done with his life, and who he is? 
      The way i see it, millionaires who made their money on their own, they are the real deal. like Wiz. Who you are should matter more than what you look like. so yea, ugly or not, he has EARNED all them girls he can/gets. Dont Hate. 

    • +Jack Taci If you read my first two comments,(original post and first response) you would see that I asked a question about societal expectations and norms vs what it should be. Who you are should matter more that what you look like and what you have. But what you have in the current social climate overrides everything else, and it shouldn’t. THAT is what I said, it’s right there go back and read it.  Also how in the hell does a person EARN another human? Are you saying these women he may or may not have been with are property to be sold and bought?

      +Pretty Boy Flizzy Haven’t we already had our spar, so unless you want to go again mind your business.

    • Yeah there is,, Amber Rose.. hahahahahaha. no but seriously there are much uglier people, probably you for one, and plenty of other people in the world. your’e blind like most people in this world, or females at that.. look at guys for their looks instead of heart. but you must be gay, so I feel bat for ya. 

    • +kingjam29 You know how easily that can be covered up? might have to be a bigger tat.. but can put something meaningful. 

  2. This is a good example of with out Jesus in your marriage your marriage is more likely to fail.

    •  You said “i spelled it right you dufus” Then you went on to say “And before you insult or criticize, think before you speak” I rest my case. May i conclude with a final quote “You’re just burying your grave deeper and deeper.”
      On top of that i had to fix the grammatical errors in your quotes.

    • +Mix Master lol omg, because I actually thought before I spoke, unlike you. I called you a “dufus” because your actions have been exactly that hence “before you insult or criticize, think before you speak” You said something yet it didnt even happen in the first place.

      Look at you, now youre just only correcting one’s grammar and spelling online and instead completely avoiding the initial argument and fact you didnt even know the difference between beliefs and worshipping. Your defense mechanism is very shameful I have to say. I rest my case

    • I’ts ok bro i still love you. I actually hate when people correct my grammar on the internet it pisses me off lol. On top of that i had a brain injury 4 months ago so i am lucky i can even spell right still. Count your blessings man because you have more than you think.

    • +Mix Master I have nothing against religion even if I’m not religious, I consider some a good rule of thumb to still follow . People have the right to believe in what they want to, not until they start pushing against it on everyone else, thats when it’s irritating.

    • Yeah everybody has their differences. I just want the world to be a better place. I have always had a staunch opinion on religion and often retaliate against Atheists because they are quick to discredit God and force their negative opinion on others. But then again they could see my opinion as negative. That’s their view and this is mine and i stand by it.

  3. Rapper motto
    2. We don’t save hoes
    Ps…..  not every actress is a hoe. choose better next time wiz

    • +MoMoneyLessProblemz Speaking facetiously. If you plan to go all the way with someone you care about, it takes some serious dedication, drama-free, staying motivated, avoiding schedule conflict, planning children at an appropriate time, avoiding the fall into complacency, etc. With that, its a tad bit difficult nowadays to find that balance, especially for people in my age group, who thinks having kids with someone will lead to marriage eventually.

  4. At the end of the day the MAIN reason she broke up with Wiz is because  she wants A-list  fame again that she had with kanye.  

    no one cares about Amber any more while Kims at Paris fashion week Amber’s back twerking on insgram to help wiz sell records bet $50 2017 Amber will be stripping again 

  5. Amber had this planned out from the jump. She is money hungry like all women in our society. These hoes ain’t loyal.

  6. and to have a successful long term relationship, you have to be poor, (no options) or have a broad understanding.

  7. What did Wiz expect? Everyone saw this coming since he first started dating that gold digger. Kanye was smart and broke it off, but then married another gold digger, so I guess he’s not that smart…

    • +coldoustiderightnowtho …I didn’t say she does a good job of picking men. Kris Humphries was not the guy for her. Too boring and just not up to her standards. He’s not even a good basketball player. All I said is that she has her own money. Gold diggers usually don’t.

    • +californiagurl11497 That’s not true, gold diggers just look for more money. She seems to get into relationships to make more money.

    • +californiagurl11497 Lol shes not a gold digger ANYMORE cause she fucked her way to the top.. she did the dirty work now shes just enjoying life with god himself

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