The Royals | King Robert Seems to Have Met His Match | E!

Cassandra confidently meets with the king and handles the paparazzi like pro. Did Robert meet his perfect match? Watch on "The Royals".


About The Royals:
Drama about a fictional British Royal family, who inhabit a world of luxury and regal tradition, but one that also involves intrigue and unexpected twists revealing the complexities faced by royals trying to maintain high-profile relationships under scrutiny, and continuing to shine a light on the anarchy in the monarchy. The fourth season of “The Royals” picks up after the charming, potentially duplicitous, Prince Robert (Max Brown) is crowned King of England. Prince Liam (William Moseley) and his recently dethroned uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) form an unlikely alliance, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) struggles to control her unruly brood as she figures out her role in the palace. And, after a heated on again-off again relationship, bodyguard Jasper (Tom Austen) tries to capture Princess Eleanor’s (Alexandra Park) heart one more time just as they are about to face their biggest obstacle yet.

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The Royals | King Robert Seems to Have Met His Match | E!


  1. She looks HOT…. Scary Crazy a little too involved in herself hot but hot…. She COULD give Robert a run for his money…

  2. When you found your spirit animal: pretty dresses won’t change the world but the women wearing them will

  3. Wow she certainly would keep Robert on his toes and she kind of reminds me of queen Helana from season 1

    • Imani Ramos and since when does Robert cares for that??
      That is exactly why she is perfect mate for him
      She is truly her own person
      And isn’t afraid to tell Robert off
      They are great
      Makes more sense that insipid girl he is with

    • I don’t think he really cares what the Queen thinks, but he will still take her input. I think she is perfect for him, but he might not want someone who can go head to head with him, he is way to controlling. He doesn’t like being questioned all the time. I would like him with her, but how knows. Are you talking about Willow? I like her! She’s just too nice and probably wouldn’t survive as Queen

    • Imani Ramos yeap willow won’t make it
      This is why the savage girl is perfect for him
      They both play games and she be perfect
      Robert is way to controlling
      But he likes her you can tell
      I don’t think I ever seen him smile like that with any girl
      He founds her a challenge
      And you know how much he love a good challenge
      So we will see

    • Truuuuee! We’ll see if the challenge is enough for him. It will definitely make future episodes intriguing

    • Imani Ramos it does
      Look at that smug smile
      In already hook this two have IT
      They sure are going to make the episodes to come more interesting

  4. She is prefect for king Robert she acts in a similar personality than him
    but also I think if we put both of there personalities together they will a bomb LOL

  5. Am i the only one who likes her? She is cool and perfect for robert. A young queen Helen

    • I know! I want to dislike her but by the time she got into the car I was sold.

      “Pretty dresses won’t change the world but the women wearing them will” Perfection.

  6. I’m pretty sure queen Helena will hate her because she clearly can’t and won’t be manipulated by no one lol

    • Morgenstairsx and that would make her a better suit for Robert
      And Robert likes that

    • Morgenstairsx it always is with Robert and Helena 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I feel like she’s just here to cause problems between Willow and Robert and to make Willow jealous

  8. I like being a woman in a mans world I can wear the pants but you can’t wear the dresses, well you could but I’d look better. ICONIC!

  9. “scandal is only scandal if you run from it. When they’re chasing you out of town make it look like you’re leading the parade”
    I just realized that’s exactly what Taylor Swift did with reputation

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