The Royals | Queen Helena Makes Noise By Attacking Willow’s Mother | E!

To throw King Robert off their coup plans, Queen Helena gives Willow's mom Felicity a "Dynasty"-style surprise. Watch the hair-raising moment on "The Royals".


About The Royals:
Drama about a fictional British Royal family, who inhabit a world of luxury and regal tradition, but one that also involves intrigue and unexpected twists revealing the complexities faced by royals trying to maintain high-profile relationships under scrutiny, and continuing to shine a light on the anarchy in the monarchy. The fourth season of “The Royals” picks up after the charming, potentially duplicitous, Prince Robert (Max Brown) is crowned King of England. Prince Liam (William Moseley) and his recently dethroned uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) form an unlikely alliance, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) struggles to control her unruly brood as she figures out her role in the palace. And, after a heated on again-off again relationship, bodyguard Jasper (Tom Austen) tries to capture Princess Eleanor’s (Alexandra Park) heart one more time just as they are about to face their biggest obstacle yet.

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The Royals | Queen Helena Makes Noise By Attacking Willow's Mother | E!


  1. I am so terrified for the next episode it looks like everything going to go wrong. My biggest fear is the Rillow is officially over and Willow won’t get her happy ending. Question: who is the woman that Helena pulls out her hair extensions cuz I’m drawing a blank on who it is. If anyone knows please tell me. #RenewTheRoyals #QueenWillow

    • Paulina Hormizda Really? I thought Willow’s mom was dead. When ever Willow spoke about her mom it was always in the past tense. Are we sure this isn’t her step-mother?

  2. And they all just stand there watching 😂😂.
    I like Willow’s mom, she should come back next season. #renewtheroyals

  3. I wonder why Willow’s Mom mentioned Alastair Lacey. He’s the one who Helena thought could be Liam and Eleanor’s father, right?

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