Tokyo Vents to Victoria Over Kylie Banning His BF | Life of Kylie | E!

King Kylie is tightening up on security–but it's sending her hairstylist and his BF into frenzy. Find out why on "Life of Kylie".


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Tokyo Vents to Victoria Over Kylie Banning His BF | Life of Kylie | E!


  1. Lol he is an EMPLOYEE and she the boss. What she says goes, don’t like it? Leave. Besides why does your bf need to be with you while you’re working?

    • It’s been occasions where she’s let his boyfriend be around, but just like any other normal person the one time you say ” NO ” they’re SOOOOO hurt suddenly .

    • Nathan Michael their trying to add a conflict story for Kylie to make it interesting lmaoo this show is so sad haha

    • he’s his manager also, not just boyfriend. but even if he was just a manager I agree, he doesn’t need him there.

    • Ashley A hair stylish doesn’t need their manager around either. There are companies that won’t allow husbands or wives to supervise one another. Ultimately, I agree with Kylie regarding establishing boundaries, especially when you have people working inside your home, less is more. I’m not one to gossip about people’s ways but Kylie definitely needs to keep an eye on things when _ _ _ _ _ in her house. Some ppl are born with sticky fingers.

  2. The dude is doing a job. Your supposed to be professional. As a makeup artist I am ashamed, your supposed to do your job and leave. Your boyfriend shouldn’t be there in the first place because he is a distraction.

  3. Kylie is boring even with all that money she ain’t doesn’t give u personality

    • She gets criticized for everything she does therefore she doesnt show her real personality because she’s scared of judgement and doesnt see the point. I think shes just reserved and only her family and close friends know the real her

      *srry for my english*

  4. You can semi tell they wanted a little bit of nonsense drama because her tv show is kinda really boring

  5. Imagine being at WORK as in your JOB, where you go to make MONEY and being salty cause your manz can’t be there with you….. This can’t be real

  6. Funny because when she goes around professional people she takes her friends EVRYWHERE.

    • Amarie Wright she was hired to walk the run way for Kaynes Yeezey line and the first time she brought her friends the second time Kim told her it she has to be professional. So yes she did work for them and I’m glade she sees how UNprofessinal it is to just bring friends along when shes being hired to walk the yeezey show.

    • jazmine acosta okay but that’s then. This is her now. She’s obviously learning from her sisters. Either way Tokyo doesn’t have to bring his boyfriend. And Kylie did it as a favor , she as a person does not work for her sister nor Kanye. She did the runway two times for them. Also , currently .. yes she brings Jordyn everywhere because that is her best friend. And majority of the time. They are doing gigs and photoshoots and everything together. Of course she would be there. Jordyn is a model for Kylie when it comes to her make-up line. Tokyo is working for Kylie. Not his boyfriend. Tokyo should do what he gets paid to do. And accordingly with no distractions..

    • jazmine acosta Kanye West is Kylie Jenner’s brother-in-law. She is his wife’s youngest sister, aka family. She can bring whoever she wants because Kylie is privileged and in financially superior to all these groupie kids fanning out on her.

      Kylie literally has enough money to open a homeless shelter, build libraries or upgrade a children’s hospital but never will because the kids are too thirsty to live her life and will never reject real white privilege when they see it.

      Envy is a shade of coloured.

  7. He shouldn’t be complaining. He should be thankful for the amazing job he has making tuns of money. SO many people that do makeup would KILL for his job. Let’s be HONEST here.

    • Baby Girl I really believe people like you dissect everything she does so why show a personality she had one when she was little bc she didn’t understand how cruel ppl can be know she knows. You don’t know how she acts around her friends /family.

    • she used to post more stuff showing personality and make stupid little music videos and fun things but it got brutally dragged across the internet by people like you so now she acts like a robot to please people.

  8. I feel like they were all alot more fun when they were younger. They would prank eachother, play fight, play silly games etc.. Now they’re mostly at home talking, in the car talking, or on holiday somewhere. Talking. Lol

    • PandaPoop I think she’s really scared of how people will act if she acts like that now. She talked about it in one of the episodes

    • Yeah they talk too dam much these days lol. Like that episode with the tarantula was probably the most exciting thing last season. But clearly that seemed staged as well.

  9. Kylie’s life is so boring that they have to script things to make it interesting. How pitiful

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