Albert Reveals His Surgical Nightmare in Mexico | Botched | E!

After a failed attempt at getting pectoral implants, the "Botched" patient comes to Drs. Dubrow and Nassif with the hope that they can fix him. Take a look!

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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Albert Reveals His Surgical Nightmare in Mexico | Botched | E!


  1. Insecurity sucks.. He’s good looking, great shape and has a unique and not-gross-at-all deformity that’s actually kind of cool.

    • If he wants to be a bodybuilder I can see why he wants surgery. Your body is literally a canvas to be critiqued against others that works out just as hard as you! To come close and not win or feeling the one thing you can’t help us out if your control is depressing.

  2. He is SOOOOOO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With or without his implant. He has a great personality and great looks!

  3. Well, that was the biggest waste of $3000 ever. People will kill you for free down there, no need to pay.

  4. Courageous young man for bringing his very personal experience forward. He may have saved others from serious medical issues. There is a reason MD’s seek board certification. Cheap is for t shirts not medical procedures.

  5. For people who are so against plastic surgery. They should hear stories like this. Don’t get me wrong some people do it for vanity just to “look better”. But in other cases it changes their life and it allows them to be the person they are.

    • I’m against it when people “want” plastic surgery, not because they “need” it. And this man *need* plastic surgery. If it’s things like double eyelid, sharper nose, thicker lips, and etc, I totally disagree.

      What I meant is : I disagree when ppl want to “fix” something that doesn’t even need to be fixed.

      Well, I can’t decide ppl’s life so it’s up to them. But personally, I dislike the purposes and not the plastic surgery itself.

    • Actually some plastic surgery is for the better of the patient. Certain Rhinoplasty’s are done due to closed airways.

    • PURE BREED CHEESEHEAD He is not gay because he said that his girlfriend is hot. Maybe you are gay and jealous lol

    • Max Power Good for him..but he is hot and she is not….but I am not Gay though…I just think he is hot

  6. me da risa cuando dice que la enfermera no hablaba ingles.. EN MEXICO HABLAN ESPANOL LA MAYORIA DE LA GENTE, no toda pero la mayoria si.. a parte se va a mexico sin investigar a que clinica va, en mexico hay buenos doctores y buenas clinicas pero cobran CARO igual que en los estados unidos.. SI QUERIA UN BUEN TRABAJO ESO SALE CARO, PUES QUE ESPERABA.. si fueran tan malos los doctores en mexico hubiera menos gente.. pero da la casualidad que cada anio hay mas gente.. no le eche la culpa a las clinicas y los doctores de mexico de su mala decision de irse sin investigar bien .

    • Tenchis Tienes razón yo vivo en Tijuana y probablemente vino aquí ,pero yo trabaje en Farmacia negocio familiar y siempre llegaban Gringos queriendo rebajas de tianguis y siempre buscando medicamento controlado y cuando les pedía receta querían dar soborno . Entonces mi punto vienen xq quieren todo barato haya son igual de pobres que uno y aquí se sienten ricos que buscan lo barato recomendado x el pariente del pariente como dices buenos médicos existen en mi ciudad pero son caros

    • Tenchis Peor él que no habla español. Es un mexicano del otro lado del “muro”.

    • Exacto!! Osea se fue a lo mas barato y esperaba que fuera una cirugia exitosa y perfecta

    • hip hop Vision it looks normal, it doesnt look disgusting or something its actually cool 😂

    • hip hop Vision what you can do is reduce chest work, and work more on other parts specially shoulders, biceps, triceps if looking proportional is important to you. And keep the plastic surgery your last option.

    • It’s hard being a girl with this disorder because I was only born with one breast and one nipple and society makes it hard for me to just accept it.

    • hes Mexican tho like he trusted them and his family recommended it so obviously he trusted them

    • They actually have good doctors there but most of the just want your money (like in this case)

    • U got one guy who went to Mexico and millions who got fucked up in the USA so who can you actually trust?

  7. This is a legitimate reason to have plastic surgery. He isn’t trting to fake anything…he just wants to be balanced. Hope it all works out.

    • Katrina Lyon A legitimate reason to have plastic surgery is being an adult with the means and judgment to decide what you want

    • Since he doesn’t have a big pec, he can get surgery, but when woman don’t have big enough asses or tits, they cant get it even tho they are the ones paying for it, and it’s none of ur concern whatsoever

  8. My boyfriend has this, he hates it but I think it’s perfect and a great snuggle spot for my head. However I’m all for people being confident and getting this done

  9. There are actually really good doctors in Mexico, you just gotta not go to the shady places.

  10. Plastic surgery should be applicable for cases like this, for people who suffer from body/facial deformities by birth. Not to create… genderless aliens.

  11. Mexico actually has amazing doctors, many people with arthritis go to Mexico cause their medicine is better. I know many people who had months to live that go there and come back fine. So, i do think Mexico has great medicine. He, however, was not lucky and must have gone to a cheap doctor :/. AND NO- i am not Mexican before anyone asks lol

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