1. Nattie
    I love you
    This video means a lot to you and it brought a whole river a tears to my eye!

  2. Natalya Neidhart💓 I wanted 2 say I’m sorry about ur father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s lost I know ur still strong and ull be champion sooner or later I’ve played ur father and uncle on 2K19 and u #TotalNeid💓

  3. What horrible is that she is already sad and riot squad is trying to make it worse😕😕🙁🙁

  4. Natalya, I Want to Say I’m So Sorry About Your Father Jim The Anvil Nedihart, I Been Fan of Your Dad & Uncle Bret Since 1989 And I Just Wanted Let You Know You Always Have a Special place of Your Father’s Heart is Memories.

  5. I feel so sad for Nattie she lost her father but he’s in a better place now feel better Nat

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