Anti-Trump protests are already getting violent — and we got this crazy video of a fight breaking out on the street, with a woman getting assaulted in Washington, D.C. … just one block from the inauguration.

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    • She pushed & spit on the guy in front of the police…..They should have done their job & arrested these asshats…..I would have knocked her out

    • mymoonearthsun we already have “equality” and if you wanna be equal then why say “she is a woman” isn’t she a “human” as you guys wanna day..??

    • Whats whats the diffrence ladys hit boys cant they no or yes what whats the diffrence id hit that girl many times and just make her fucking die

    • Yea, cause that’s automatically what these people think because their antifa.

      I don’t agree with them, I just think you’re using a strawman argument against them. Also, very few people think “there is no such thing as gender”, some people think it’s a spectrum, meaning there’s still women and men, just theres things in between too. Again, I don’t agree them, I just understand their point of view. The amount of word twisting in these comments is absurd though.

    • +Iamhereblossom both sides? The leftist morons were blocking the guy on his own from going to work you clueless idiot. He wasn’t on any side but the having to work side. And you got these brainwashed liberal morons ruining his day, making his life harder and keeping him from his job.

  1. so, you’re stopping a man from going to work, then getting violent, then when he self defends you beg him to be arrested??? Whatever your contradictory protests are about, I want nothing to do with. This is a level of stupid that makes no one see ANY of your point of views, but laughs at your stupidity. Today is the same as yesturday people, we all have equal rights.

    • what is wrong with me? did I just insinuate that these idiots had point of views? We all know they don’t.

    • hunter3627 another camera view shows that she hit him in the face first and then she’s asking the cop that was assault are you really not going to do anything? LOL she would be pissed if he actually did follow the procedure because she would go to jail

    • i agree i like when women fight like men and cat fight don’t judge me females have same bad smells like men do

    • bethany you support gender neutral activity i know females can fight like men do or women are equal like men

    • With equal rights, comes equal lefts. You can’t claim equality, start a fight, and then beg for chivalry. You need to pick one or the other and stick with it.

  2. That man didn’t assault her. She assaulted him and he hit her back. After that she kept pushing him and spit in his face. That’s when he shoved he face. When this all started she was still wearing her mask. She deserved what she got.

    • Clayton, go wathc 13 reasons why, then go do what Hannah did to herself. Trash like you need to disappear….

    • What’s wrong with being a bigot? A racist? 60 years ago, it was ok. Now everyone wants to act like they grew balls. HA!

    • +clayton cripe lololololol, look at this antifa/sjw fascist piglet here screaching! little soyboy, antifa ‘woman’ are more manly then you ever will be!

  3. haha, an anarchist saying ‘you punched a woman in the face’. . . She deserved that punch!

  4. Why not show your faces? Afraid your boss at Arby’s might see the real reason you called in sick today?

    • sickb2200 lol arbys??lmfao were did you come out woth arbys??you sure you dont work their man???come on man be honest!😂😂😂


    • these dorks wish they worked at Arby’s serving that delicious roast beef, no instead they are the roast beef REEEEEEEEEEEE

    • Arby’s workers have more integrity than these losers. I’d be shocked if any of these creeps even has a job.

  5. She thinks she can push on people and then she’s suddenly a protected “women” when treated equal. Go ahead keep pushing.

  6. “This is what a police state looks like’? WRONG. This is what a bunch of DUMBA$$ES look like.

  7. “This is what a police state looks like!”… After they attacked a guy and tried to have him arrested. Then cried. hahaaaaaha.

  8. What a bunch of losers they hate the police then cry when they get beat up an want the police to arrest people

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