Wade Robson Says Muting Michael Jackson is Not Necessary | TMZ

Wade Robson says he's received an outpouring of support since "Leaving Neverland" was released, but he doesn't care if people still listen to Michael Jackson … because this is about way more than that.


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  1. Of course he doesn’t want mj muted because he wants the estate making as much money as possible so h can take it..

    • +SFbayKID I think his fake but he is wearing a t shirt, what u want him to wear?

    • You are a cornball…
      Watch the documentary called “Michael jackson: what really happened?” From 2007…
      Ignorant goof

  2. Facts that we know so far:
    1. Macaulay Culkin said after Leaving Neverland that MJ never molested him.

    2. Corey Feldman said after LN that MJ never molested him.

    3. Aaron Carter said after LN that MJ never molested him.

    4. Brett Barnes said after LN that MJ never molested him.

    5. Wade Robson said MJ molested him and still no evidence.

    6. James Safechuck said MJ molested him and still no evidence (that ring maybe…lol).

    7. Gavin Arvizo said MJ molested him and MJ was acquitted all charges in court.

    8. FBI investigated MJ for thirteen years and find no evidence.

    9. “FBI found child pornography in MJ’s house” was confirmed to be a fake news by an English tabloid in 2016. (more information in the reply below)

    10. Slept with a bunch of boys and most of them said nothing happened.

    11. Chandler said MJ molested him and MJ paid $22m (he initially refused to pay and just wanted to pay $1m & $350000 later, but his insurance and record companies thought that that was the only way to stop losing).

    12. La Toya admitted that Jack Gordon threatened MJ and Janet’s lives so she was forced to lie in 1993. MJ had forgiven her and Toya fully supported MJ in the 2005 case.

    And everyone are so sure that he was a pedophile🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
    No offense, just wonder why people are so sure🤷🏻‍♂️

    Acquitted on all charges → people don’t believe❌
    Investigated by the FBI for 13 years → people don’t believe❌
    Suddenly two men came out with zero evidence and shot a film → people believe✅

    Ridiculous for me. People just believe what they want to believe🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +Kumtekmeon CAPS LOCK and *bold* font aside, I never ever suggested that a rape victim should wait. When did I ever say that? I was just pointing out that someone is not lying just because they didn’t look traumatized enough before. You are actually the one saying dangerous things for the victims, becuase we shouldn’t have to “prove” our shock to denounce a rape and be believed. Also, a buzzfeed article on “signs that someone has been raped” (or any) doesn’t make you a psychologist. I speak out of experience and conversations with my psychiatrist. People react differently to trauma. That’s fact. Not everybody changes their behavior and if they do it could easily pass as something normal if the victim doesn’t say anything. That’s why we should always believe alleged victims until given proof. You, my friend, are saying that they are lying just because you are extremely biased towards a dead celebrity, and onestly that’s gross. Bye Felicia.

    • +Kumtekmeon also, nobody waited for MJ to die. The FBI has been on his neck for years while he was alive… Do you even know what you’re talking about.

    • Federica As I said I still don’t really believe one side but Im more convinced that Mj was a pedophile…. Why would they lie after he has died?! There is no career to be destroyed, I mean he is dead. Nobody really has a motive, all of this nonsense with Illuminati just makes me believe these guys more…. I mean if no one in no way consider these guys accusations as true, then they should watch the interview with Gavin, his eyes look like hes trapped… As if he loves Micheal but knows that hes doing wrong things to himself.. So I think I kind of agree with you but of course this better not be true. Such a shame… I would in no way except such things from someone who is THIS talented and musically a genius

    • That’s his hell! Now he has to know what it’s like to be a real survivor the rest of his life. He put himself in the hot seat for money and he isn’t going to get any because of statutes and being a known liar, but the best he can do is smear the name of someone who loved him and did a lot for him, more than anyone in his life ever will and one day he’ll realize that truth.

    • +Tyler Hammond you think? Look at his face. He’s already looking bitter to me. You can’t hide that. Before he was bright and happy and now he has to smear the name of the only person who ever did anything for him. One day he’ll realize the rest of the world isn’t that good. Nobody calls their molester “pure goodness of humankind”.

    • +A B he may have been a weirdo but he is no pedophile. Anyone who can read body language can tell Wade was lying on the Oprah interview. This is all a ploy so he can win money from the Jackson estate.

    • unless he goes to jail, i hope he does and gets bummed in jail for karmic purposes

  3. So easy to destroy someone’s legacy once they a dead. Cant defend yourself. What a joke. Just a coin grab and that’s it. If the FBI investigates for over 13 years and finds nothing then realistically there isn’t much there.

    So easy to destroy someone’s rep these days. Even if turned out to be a lie the damage is done and cant be repaired

    • +Courtney Coley lol michael jackson manipulated alot of people????? Like who.. and where do u get your imfo from?..

    • +Courtney Coley what the doco failed to mention is wades shady side??? And all the other details they excluded.. if people knew that, theyd definitely question wether hes truthful or not.. to know the truth, u need all the facts and evidence to get a full picture.

    • Your opinion is factual and correct. Wade Robson is not a victim he is a vulture feeding from a dead friend. That creep sickens me to my core.

    • +Aviana Brookes Everything is going according to this sicko’s plan. I can’t stomach looking at him at all. I just hope one day he ends up falling flat on his face and karma gets him for every thing he is doing to Mj’s memory.

    • +Aviana Brookes Amen. I’m just waiting and praying for the day that happens. Taj’s doc can’t come soon enough!

    • +Cresenta That’s what happens when you are a fan. But then again you understandably love the music. But the person himself…. questionable. Because the fact is you would not care about him at all if he did not make the music that he did. If there was no music, no way on earth would you be defending him.

    • classic even if I didn’t like his music or his music never existed I would still defend him because he is being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit read court documents and research instead of believing in a 4 hour emotionally manipulative documentary that took days of interviewing with no evidence what so ever

    • +classic You brainless sheep, you are so brainwashed by the mainstream media and can’t think for yourself. Im not a huge MJ fan and I even thought michael was guilty and a creep until i done research myself. Michael jackson has to be the most tragic and misunderstood figure in history and was taken adavantage of. The man was framed and is being accused of something he didn’t do. There is so many inconsistencies and contradictions in leaving neverland it’s hilarious. The crapumentary can easily be debunked. I recommend you go to The Rageaholic channel and watch the michael jackson rebuttal, there are three part videos

    • +Ricardo Marques I bet you wish Michael allowed you to sleep in bed with him🤢 You are nothing more than a MJ FAN.

  4. “I don’t listen to his music”
    Well wade, the multiple videos of you dancing to his music say otherwise 😂

    • ​+Steven Avery Guilty – Brendan Dassey Innocent

      Since you are such a staunch Wade supporter, what is the explanation for him changing his fund description?

      ON the 4th of May the description read:

      “The Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund is a donor-advised fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation. It was established in 2019 by Wade and Amanda Robson, with a personal donation. Wade Robson, a survivor of child sexual abuse, along with, Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of his child and also a survivor of child sexual abuse. Wanted to create a powerful way to contribute towards the healing from and prevention of child abuse”

      The documentary aired and Amanda Robson, Wade’s wife, stated “I have no knowledge of childhood sexual abuse or the way it plays out into adulthood. I was incredibly naive on the subject.”

      subsequently, on 6th of May the fund’s description was changed to read:

      The Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund is a Donor Advised Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation
      dedicated to supporting the healing and prevention of child abuse, nationwide. The Fund will focus on grants to nonprofit organizations that support healing and prevention efforts and aims to identify and fill in gaps in areas of child abuse healing and prevention that are under-researched, under-developed or inactive.  Wade and Amanda Robson established the charitable fund with a personal $10,000 donation.  All donations received go to the Hawaii Community Foundation for the purpose of the fund as previously stated.  Distributions from Donor Advised Funds are required by law to be distributed to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.  Recommendations for grants from the fund are made by the fund advisor and vetted by Hawaii Community Foundation. No distribution can benefit the founder of the fund or any other individual contributor.

    • +Kacee Harrison Wade set up a fund to solicit donations JUST as this doc came out. Both he and Safechuck have an ongoing appeal vs the estate for billions of dollars. They are definitely in it for the money.

    • +Kacee Harrison you don’t think he’s getting money from doing that interview with oprah or CBS interview or that falsely website he made for abuse children but had to take it down.

    • It will run out unless he hit the billion dollars lying on Michael Jackson jackpot.

    • +Kacee Harrison you really think of the ten’s of interviews he’s done he hasn’t got paid? Networks pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for interviews like this

    • eljireh7987 didn’t their handlers force them to stop giving interviews after Oprah since their lying behaviors were v obvious? Lol

  5. Hey TMZ questions to ask wade robson
    1. Why dint you mention in your so called doc about you dating Brandi Jackson?
    2.Your wife said she didn’t knew what sexual abuse means but in your fund raising page it was shown she is also a victim. Nd after people mentioning it why did u remove it?
    3. The same year when you were writing a book on how mj abused you. Still you were praising him in your interviews that year?
    4. After people showing inconsistencies in the doc it got shorter why?
    These are some of the journalistic questions to be asked. Thank you.

    • No, no go to my post at the top ☝u will find deeper mind-blowing info on these two lieaholics

    • They should start by doing a lie detector test on him and the other guy. theres every reason not to believe this shmuck!!!

    • I agree I think a lie detector test would give the answer we need. I also want to know why it was shorter for the UK version I thought they weren’t lying until I dug deeper now I’m just scratching my head 🤔

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