Nathan Phillips Turns Down Chat with Nick Sandmann, Wants Bigger Discussion | TMZ

Nathan Phillips doesn't feel the need to sit down and hash things out with Nick Sandmann about their Lincoln Memorial face-off — instead, he'd prefer a MUCH bigger conversation take place.


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  1. Didn’t want to explain why a grown man wanted to bang a drum in the face of a child and let the world attack a smile.

    • +Wo0sAh I don’t watch Fox news, this man is a paid activist. I attached a video as well. There are FACTS that you can’t change. Quit burying your head in the sand and read some damn facts. He’s still in trouble all the time. My past is flawless, sorry babe.

    • +shmackatrotsky Not racist, guess you have a reading comprehension problem as well? These kids didn’t do anything racist and are not racist. You’re just projecting your hate for Trump based on media spin and lies.

    • +Wo0sAh Your response states otherwise? Grow up and read facts, good God. These poor kids had their town practically shutdown due to death threats and bomb threats, but you still act like they did something wrong. Y’all are gross, point blank.

    • Lori Crabtree I dont pay much attention to the media. I watched the video and came to my own conclusions. Those kids were doing the tomahawk chop, mocking the Native chanting, and screaming and yelling build that wall. That behavior is racist. Nothing you say can change that.

    • Well I’m glad that you got your refrigerator fixed Burt…I meant Ernie…or is it Burt?😂🤣

    • +Tacitus Lux Cool. Glad you ain’t get your head blown off over there. So glad. We need all of the selfish pricks possible around here. Wouldnt be america without ya😁

    • What this man did was wrong, these boys were treated awfully. That being said, I will not attack Nathan Phillips. Lets show him the respect and decency that the left never showed these kids.

  2. This man is completely clueless. He started shouting and then ran out of words to shout.

  3. He lied about the kids are screaming “Build the Wall” liar!!!!!! why didn’t he walked to the black people who said all the hateful things and beat his drum to their faces?

    • Katie Sinclair Actually so called whites people commit more acts of violence then any people on this land. I’m surprised they didn’t kill him

    • +truth seeker You might want to check FBI stats mr “truth seeker” You are very, very wrong.

      A minority around 14% commits over half the violent crime in the country. You will probably think the stats are “racist” when you see them yourself.

    • It was the MAGA hate he found ‘threatening’. If the kids weren’t wearing the MAGA hats, Nathan wouldn’t have interacted with them.

  4. the young man didn’t stare at him, Nathan philips walked into the kids crowd and singled out the kid Nick and started to beat his drum in the kids’ face

    • Trump and Thanos are similar because when trump snaps his fingers half of the government shutsdown🤡🤡

  5. Maybe he should discuss the reason he’s introduced as a “Vietnam veteran” even though he’s never been to Vietnam

    • The leftist media all said he was a Vietnam veteran but in the video of him mentioning it he says he was a Vietnam-time veteran, the rest of his comment about being in danger is obvious BS though as is clearly evident by the lack of any aggressive actions directed towards him by the 15 and 16 year old kids:

      “When I was there and I was standing there and I seen that group of people in front of me and I seen the angry faces and all of that, I realized I had put myself in a really dangerous situation. Here’s a group of people who were angry at somebody else and I put myself in front of that, and all of a sudden, I’m the one whose all that anger and all that wanting to have the freedom to just rip me apart, that was scary. And I’m a Vietnam-time veteran and I know that mentality of “There’s enough of us. We can do this.””

    • A veteran is anyone who has served in the military. Someone who has deployed to war is considered a veteran of foreign war.

    • +chazkm – He’s not being introduced as a “veteran”, he’s being introduced as a “Vietnam veteran”, which clearly indicates he is a veteran of the Vietnam war

  6. Lying savage. He walked into that group of boys. Then he went on tv and lied about it. And now you give him more air time

    • Keaton C. Dye for my family it does. That’s what they referred to them before they killed my family.

    • KD DaGreat. Thank you…. they call me Pocahontas .. I will die for my black race and native race. We’re not bad we’ll help you first…

    • smellydank360 savage? You need to get out of the 19th century. Time has elapsed and hearts and minds have changed.

    • ​ JAY Lee To be honest, this guy is at fault, I mean, who the hell tries to “diffuse a situation” by banging a drum in front of a kid’s face? This cretin of a man clearly has no intention of diffusing the conflict, as we can clearly see that he’s already trying to add flame to the fire by leading protest at a Catholic Church in Washington. He even denied requests to talk with the kid in order to come to peace terms. If he really wants to have this entire affair “diffused” he would have done it long ago by not doing the things he’s doing now. So, in a greater sense, he is, as a matter of fact, an obnoxious attention seeker that seeks to create conflict.

    • Robi Castaneda first of sorry if I offended you but they could have left instead of laughing at him

    • +JAY Lee Not at all, but he had no business getting involved in the situation. He could have just kept to himself instead of attracting more attention and adding fuel to the fire. The kids had every right to be there, just as you and I do.

    • He showed up to a Catholic Church after this complaining about wanting to get those convington kids suspended and universities to punish those children. He’s such a lying POS!!! Wish the media would expose him like they are so hell bent on exposing these kids!

      Seen videos of crazies recording outside of the school, packages being delivered and the FBI having to intervene!

      Fck Nathan Phillips he’s a sad pathetic soul

    • +Xt F I couldn’t agree more, this pathetic piece of vermin has ruined these children’s lives

  7. Why in the hell aren’t the people yelling all the racial slurs being ask questions and put on front page I just can’t stand the news media anymore they’re all just a bunch of lying f****

  8. He went AWOL 3 times, was a refrigerator technician, never served overseas, and discharged from the military at the lowest possible rank after serving 4 years. Also he was in the reserves, so he only served one weekend a month. What does this tell you?

    • Thats a perfect explanation as to why an adult man miserably failed to intimidate a boy.
      This is the standard Ive come to expect from these left wing activists.

    • This tells me, that you have PRISTINE past and have NEVER made any mistakes in your life. Those that judge high and sit low fall the hardest!!!

    • As Peterson would say: arrogant, deceitful, and resentful.

      If you don’t achieve something in your life, you look at other successful people with resentment and you then justify being deceitful based on that. Once the lies catch up to you the only things you can do are to admit you’re wrong or continue to be arrogant about it and double down. Most people choose to double down to preserve their sanity. They are afraid of taking a chance at truth.

  9. He already tried to step to a child and got BTFO. Of course he doesn’t want to do it again

    • He is definitely a disgrace, however, there is no human race but races and some totally different species.

  10. Why didn’t TMZ ask Fake Phillips about disrupting a Catholic service the same night? Very very poor interview by TMZ. Hell they even had to finish the interview for him because Phillips knew he was lying.

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