WAGS LA | Why Is Barbie Blank Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring? | E!

One year after getting hitched, the "WAGS LA" star shows up to Nicole Williams' wedding without her own wedding ring. Hear what Natalie Halcro & Olivia Pierson say!


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WAGS LA | Why Is Barbie Blank Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring? | E!


    • Cecilie M idk her and Larry got together out of cheating. He had another girl at the same time as her. So Larry has those habits and he doesn’t seem as energetic as her. A marriage can’t survive being one sided. To me her devotion comes off as desperation that he’ll get fed up with. She literally flew out of the country to see him when he was doing his own thing. She’s too obsessive. Even if they last I see him stepping out on her

    • Barbie Blank is a 1-time divas champion and defended a male title in one of the best brands of sports entertainment. When Kim Kardashian has worthy accomplishments under belt, then compare- but for now, just spectate.

    • Shehrina alam not exactly. It’s WAGS. Wives and Girlfriends of famous and wealthy men, primarily used towards the ladies of pro athletes. Not a spin-off but there the same type of women, with the high end clothing, and Bougie attitude. There’s the original (here) WAGS LA, there was WAGS Miami, and now WAGS Atlanta.

  1. How many wives you see at the club by themselves at 3am
    Nat -but everybody is different
    Hahahahhahah hahahahhaha

  2. This seems to be the new thing now. Couples getting married without having the conversation about kids. Either they find out after the wedding their spouse doesn’t want kids or isn’t ready anytime soon. This is a conversation that is needed, before one even gets engaged. If you want kids, but your partner doesn’t at all…end it.

    • Ppl get married too quickly, without even knowing each other well. No wonder so many divorces happen, cuz they marry ppl they barely know only cuz they feel attraction and then get disappointed when they get to know each other and find out they are incompatible. Marriage is only successful if the couple knows each other veeeery well and still loves each other.

  3. I hate when these 3 put on the stupid voice when greeting each other. They sound like puppets from Sesame Street, it’s really irritating 🙄

  4. She shouldn’t have married this man if she wasn’t ready to settle down and have kids 🙄🙄🙄

    • Blu Rockstarr wait who said that you had to have kids right away marriage is about a lot of compromise so they can meet in the middle plus Sheldon is way older and has been out there partying and all over the place and so he wants to stay inside and calm down

    • Check his track record. He’s ALWAYS went for women like Barbie. His ex-wife was a playmate. His new girlfriend he met in rehab. He loves party women he can have on his arm as trophy wives. Then he tries to force them to settle down. Problem is that Barbie and his ex-wife make money off appearances. He’s not stupid

    • It’s not her fault if she doesn’t want kids right now. You can’t force someone to get pregnant when they’re not ready 😒

  5. This is a discussion, that should have happened before they decided to get married! She should have known that her husband is first and her friends are second!! She still acted like she was single!!

  6. Barbie, those new lips don’t look good. Full lips isn’t a good look on everyone. You looked perfect before.

    • cosmicj88 dude it’s so good during blowjobs. For men idk about u but real men like myself have this thought first thing after seeing this kind of lips for the first time

  7. This is exactly why you don’t rush marriage. These days women quickly marry just to have that “title” that “I’m a wife I’m grown” card.

    • cosmicj88 obviously. Guys are just as dumb to rush to marry them but this show is called WAGS so that’s why I’m only mentioning women.

    • She didn’t rush into marriage though, apparently they were dating/seeing each other for 3 years before they got “ married “.

  8. Well that homemaker ideal is why his ex sued him
    Apparently it’s his thing to want his wives to give up their careers to be his woman

    People need to get deep into the details PRIOR to tying the knot

  9. Pretty much she is not ready this be an adult. She wants to party and not be a wife. Shame. And listening to her single cant get a man friends is dumb. She is going to regret this.

    • No, Sheldon always dates women who go out and make money from modeling. However, he’s used to being more famous than them and having the power to force them to stop working, get pregnant etc. Barbie doesn’t have to be a housewife to have a livliehod. Sheldon was going out WITH her for the longest. It’s their first year of marriage, telling woman to have baby immediately is crazy. Carrying a child for 9 months is total life changer and if he could wait another year that says more about him.

  10. But Autumn said this to her before getting married. When you get married you will need married friends who can help you to understand the adjustment to married life. She is out there at 3am in the club with single girls. But then again she wasn’t ready I guess

  11. Hold up!! wait a minute!! He had me on a long leash. He took the ring off or back?? What the Inferno is going on in there relationships/marriages??!! Girl bye!! Get off TV! Get out “the relationship”! FR

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