“WAGS Miami” Ladies Break Down Crying | E!

Darnell Nicole's strength during a trying time with her estranged ex-fiance send the ladies into a teary frenzy. Check it out on "WAGS Miami".


About WAGS Miami:
“WAGS Miami” documents the extravagant lifestyles and real-life drama that comes with being a wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete. These sexy women turn up the heat while simultaneously navigating the exclusive and private world of the most elite sports stars.

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"WAGS Miami" Ladies Break Down Crying | E!


  1. I don’t believe in people staying together for years because of their kids, letting them see you miserable, sleeping separately ,& crying. Than to live by yourself and let them see you happy

    • agree 8 years are wasted time to not know where you stand or your kids, if your name is on anything if something happens to him or the relationship they have to get smarter and stop depending on these guys who do whatever they want and they still stay there with them.

    • Change2be1 exactly she should’ve been saving everytime he gave her shopping money or any money putting it to the side instead of splurging. Plus she should’ve used his money to build her a career a long time ago or went to school. These women get too comfortable and forget survival skills. You can’t ever get comfortable with athletes or entertainment people, they can wake up the next morning and they can’t ever play again, or they have a new woman, left you, filed for divorce… ain’t no guarantees with them and a kid won’t save you.

  2. hold your head up Darnell. your beautiful, strong women. when see u with someone else… EAT YOUR HEART OUT.. BOO.

    • Ashley is very mean and bossy I don’t know if it comes from her military job or what Phillip is too nice for her he should be with someone else.

  3. Favorite video ever!! This was SO inspiring! :’) I’m 21 and I went through a realy hard Break UP lately. (with a Narc) I feel like meditating about the person that I am and the respect that I, not only need but Deserve, helped me being a STRONGER Ambitious person. In every aspect of my life, and NEVER go back to the person that I was. And seeing that even these beautiful women go through such horrible things make me aware that anything can happen but you have to stay strong and VALUE yourself first. I can relate also because I’m trying my best to show my little sister that we can be POWERFUL and get our own without necessarily a man by our side. “-The first step to moving Forward is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

  4. Darnell, keep your head toward God. I love that you choose STRENGTH. I am on your side. You are beautiful, smart and strong, you will be fine and you know it.. Muah

  5. Sweet moment, but Ashley really annoyed the hell out of me. The moment was about Darnell and she totally took over and made it about herself. Like come on….we get it! You’re engaged… next

  6. It’s said. The good thing tho is that she is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University so I wish the best for her.

  7. It’s so hard! She was talking about that d! Y’all! She cried for the d! Cause God blessed her with a good one, I would cry 2.

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