Waka Flocka Rips Daniel Caesar for Defending White People | TMZ

Waka Flocka Flame is going off on R & B singer Daniel Caesar for defending white people — warning him he might get his Canadian ass kicked … if he keeps talking about "American business."


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  1. *”Robert Downey Jr. Rips Ryan Reynolds for Defending Black People”*
    What would you call *Robert Downey Jr.* if he did that?

    • Racism won’t stop until we address all the forms and that includes ignorant blacks being racist as well. Yes it is a thing and a problem but good luck on having any type of intelligent conversation with someone who denies it exists.

    • +Kayla O. It’s quite the same. You cannot have rules for some but not for others. Blacks can spout all sorts of hateful nonsense and flat out lies but it’s okay because they are supposedly picked on?
      The truth is people who see everything through a prism of race will be the ones to keep racism alive.

    • +Nate Nate no such thing. You have to think, if they’re old they actually suffered the racist he’ll black people have been through. They are entitled to hold this society in contempt if they choose.

    • Do you know him personally…I doubt it…so stop judging & take a good look at yourself. And honestly if you’re latino…your opinion is neither desired nor required on this matter.

  2. Who TF tell ppl from the south to get over racism ? And thank you Tammy 🇨🇦❤️💯🙏🏽

    • O.G. John Doe I live in philly it’s some racist dicks up here and they coming out more and more now but it seems if I travel further south the racism becomes really bold! 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • *That’s Funny Because Black People From The South Had Black Slaves… Funny How You Ignore That Fact Tho.*

  3. “Don’t speak American business if you ain’t from here”

    Speaks New Zealand business and not from
    New Zealand.

    • +Master Reset Sorry if I sound insensitive…I am just stating FACTS…How many “civilian casualties” are Europeans responsible for…How many African children died due to the Muslim slave trade…Bloods and Crips terrorize their own kind…This world is a jungle of hate & division, love & unity depending how the needle tips…it’s an ugly truth…

    • Well he only spoke on 1 situation from there. He wasn’t speaking on how things should be done in New Zealand

  4. Isn’t Waka the same person who said he is not Black? Let me add on. I am not here to fulfill anyones psychotic need to argue with strangers on the internet who they will never meet.

    • Bx Boro

      Dig deep, analyze EVERYONES actions and attitudes and you’ll find out why there’s not more, but a DIFFERENT type of racism in the USA.

    • Reality Candy

      You know why y’all don’t have racism like us here in the US…? Because yalls Black communities are not like ours here…I’m sure there’s not the same type of “hoods” “ghettos” in Canada like their is here..black people here in the US are just different…they feel entitled to respect or idk what because of their ANCESTORS suffered crimes…
      I’m sure You guys in Canada have a much more decent black community than us..therefore whites don’t discriminate on blacks as much there as they do here…
      But black people here will ALWAYS point fingers at others before analyzing themselves and seeing what the TRUE racism problem is…🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Obviously there is racism in Canada. Waka was making the point that it is extremely different from Usa Vs Canada.

    • To be fair Daniel Caeser himself said that. He also said he has comprehension on slavery or racism in america, and that those thing happened long ago.

  5. Are you serious.. he doesnt speak or represent Canada at all. And yes there is racism here.. as a black women I know.. I dont even know who this daniel person is.

    • +Anthony Gerhardt the black race has over 36 shades in it.. my father is very very dark. I am not responsible for what shade my skin came out… but it doesnt make me any less black.

    • You have to be smart enough to not reflexively disavow him tho. Daniel didn’t say there was no,racism in Canada. He said he didn’t want to be handled with kid gloves as a black person.

    • +bloodgang what do you mean that as, I’m a bit confused with how you’ve worded that. Do you mean it as in he doesn’t have free speech because he’s not in America? Because thats just simply wrong

    • Freedom of expression in Canada is not absolute. They have law over there that restrict speech. Speech cannot be free if it is regulated and laws are constantly being made to futher restrict it. Don’t know how that’s hard to grasp

  6. Part of the problem. Not knowing what the hell is going on, yet adamantly voices their opinion(s).

  7. I guess it takes a brilliant mind to educate yourself about whats going on in america😂

  8. I’m from Toronto and theres hella racism here . Daniel whatever doesn’t know what his talking about .

    • so what tho america is literally one of the most racist countries on earth and canada is nowhere near. its probably as racist as the uk

  9. I don’t agree with Daniel Caesar, but why’d did you have to ask these two about it?

  10. umm there’s clearly racism in canada at least where i live in winnipeg but honestly this whole interview was all ignorant every bit of it

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