YG Says There’s a Lot of ‘Fake-Ass’ Love for Nipsey Hussle

YG says there are a lot of so-called Nispsey Hussle "fans" out there who are jumping on the bandwagon and pissing off the late rapper's family.


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  1. I love the relationship you and Nipsey had. It’s a hood movie. Two young men from a different gang, but bonded like real brothers. God Bless you YG.

  2. Ive been saying this since he passed… Nobody ever said anything about him until he died and now he is Malcolm X all of a sudden

    • +kidrobot no that’s bcuz the route they took. They’re clowns. More so then talented artist. Cardi and tekashi?? Who else?? Name others…Bcuz u won’t

      But at the end of the day if u don’t understand u just won’t. I understand business and trends. Its the psychology behind it all

    • His spirit is alive, definitely. But physically? He is gone. That is science. That is how life works. Who knows where consciousness resides after death, but it dosent exist in this life or wed have no death at all. “Share enlightenment and those who are wise enough will receive it”

    • +Sir Cartier Dank IV Would “consciousness” be considered the soul? After all, it’s been said that the physical body is not who we really are. So I’m just trying to get clarification.

  3. Fake a$$ rappers pulled the same B.S when Biggie got murdered!🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. He was talking about Dr dre .Dre didn’t give a shoutout to Nipsey while he was coming up and After his sh*t got big in L.A..Now put up a giant frame picture of him ..Nipsey said Dre didn’t stamp him..

    • More than just Dre. I been listening to Nipsey since bullets ain’t got no names mixtape dropped in 08. As a Spotify subscriber I don’t remember Nipsey having 10 million + monthly listeners. He had about 2 million. The other 8 million came after his death. Now everybody wanna bump Nipsey. I remember the “RSC 4 Life” Nipsey. Like vlad (tv) stated Nipsey was more of an underground rapper. People outside of L.A. Wasn’t Bumpin Nipsey like that. Nipsey was to L.A. What Pastor Troy is to Atlanta (another underground rapper I fucks with).

    • +Sir Charles shidd I’m from Baltimore and been a fan since vol 1. He had hella love out here in the (DMV) Been to concerts and all.

    • dre passed, def jam, capitol, atlantic too / scared that i’d be dead or doin life bc what i rap is true

  5. I’m not gonna bullshit I not a fan of Nipsey’s music, but I am a fan of his ideas.

  6. I Truly Agree With YG. Alot Of People Did Not Appreciate Nipsey Hussle When He Was Living.When Nipsey Hussle Died Alot People Was Saying Nipsey Hussle… Who Was He???

    • I’ma keep it real I never was a Nipsey Hustle fan . I heard of Nipsey when he 1st made a Cameo on the Bone thugs n harmony movie “i tried” . He also was featured on a song Iyaz featuring Sean Kingston , Bizzy Bone & Nipsey Hustle- Reply. Personally never being a fan of dude doesn’t bother me at all because I became a fan of what he did for the community .What he did outside his raps . He did so much !!! I became to love dude for that .He the only one on world history to truly bring Crips & Bloods together . Martin Luther King failed The Game & Snoop has tried it and failed . Many community leaders have tried it and failed . Nipsey succeeded not only in California but New York and every where else that harbors crips n bloods . The Nipsey hustle effect was felt United States wide !!!!!!So don’t call every bodies love for Nipsey fake . There’s two different fan bases for Nipsey out here. The love for his music fans , and then there is people like me who only know him cause I heard of him and are a fan of what he did for his community

    • I found out about Nipsey from when he slapped the security guard at the bet awards 😭

  7. Its fummy how when he said theres alot of fake love for nipsey out there the crowd agrees like wtf the whole crowd is what he talking about with fake love

  8. That’s true John legend didn’t even say rest in peace he took the platform to promote his new song he never responded about the MJ accusers being caught red handed

  9. How you upload? I got the real videos, up in front! This video hella far

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