2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Softens Stance on Circumcision | TMZ

Democratic Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang wants to soften the perception he's taking a hard stance against circumcisions, and as we learned … it's no laughing matter to him.


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  1. We should stop butchering the sexual organs without the consent of human beings

  2. I love how Yang stands up to the loaded question, and only decides to disengage after the paparazzo makes a failed attempt at humor.

  3. Can someone refer me to the clip or source that he says he was stern on the stance for circumcision in the first place?

    • Nuttch he just said on Twitter he was against the practice lol I saw the tweet and can’t believe it got this big

    • Why should this be a problem to the president? It should be a personal decision rather than asking a president to decide what to do. LOL. Men should have their own rights to decide on what to do or not to do on their own body parts.

  4. Lol, Yang has never had a controversial stance on circumcision. People do like to sensationalize.

  5. He was asked on Twitter once and just replied lmao it’s funny everyone made it a big deal

  6. Speaking as a non-American, you lot are so damn weird for being so obsessed with circumcision. Whatever the benefits or otherwise of the procedure, foreskin phobia is a really, really weird condition for such a giant, powerful country to have. Honestly, you have no idea how strange the rest of the world thinks you are about this.

    • It’s weird af bro, ion know why they even asked him that🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • It is weird. It’s rooted in Old Testament from the book of Exodus when Moses was in Egypt. God wanted His people to be different from the surrounding culture; hence, required circumcision. When one did this, it was an outward testament tot he world “I follow Yahweh. I obey Yahweh.” Moses was sent back to free The Israelites from Egypt and was almost killed upon return by God. This was due to him growing up in Egyptian culture, returning to free Israel BUT not abide ig by what God requires at that time to be worthy of being a “savior of the people.” So he circumcised his first born child.. then moved on to free Israel. Etc it is still practiced today… due to religious purposes. However, to be known as God’s people it isn’t necessary to mutilate yourself anymore because of what Jesus did on the cross. Today it is argued that it is for hygiene purposes. To me, a penis is a penis. If a foreskin is left and becomes infected it is due to the male not practicing proper hygiene which is as simple as pulling the skin back and washing it. Saying it’s for hygiene purposes is just as ridiculous as saying women need to cut the foreskin around their clitoris for hygiene purposes. Or else they get infected. Which is 100% untrue. An infection is due to poor hygiene practice

    • +our hair defies gravity so can we then let it keep inside Jewish community. Why the rest of the society should care about it?

  7. Make circumcision available once the child is old enough to choose if he wants it.

    • Badass Mother but you know that’s a lot worse right like way more painful…just saying that’s not a very bright idea

    • VegetaLover 100 that’s a widespread myth, watch a circumcision video you’ll see babies with completely red faces screaming & crying in agony. When they’re older they can be put under anesthetics, but when they’re older they probably wouldn’t want it anyway if we don’t make it some routine thing we do to babies

    • Jesse Barre lol babies cry all the time tf? Anyway they won’t remember the pain if they get when they were babies they will remember it when they’re adults that’s why it’s best to get it when United young

    • That will only happen when robots take over most jobs…and after depopulation

    • Damn dude that’s literally nothing man, stop being lazy and earn your money. He’s only talking about ubi when ai replaces 90% of the jobs in the u.s which probably wouldn’t even happen in his hypothetical time in office.

    • +Cannabis & Conspiracies is 80% jobs taken away by Robots is most? if your answer is yes, then it is happening! Open your eyes.

    • +Jan Jan do your research before you speak. 800 million jobs worldwide. will be lost to robots by 2030. Out of 7.2 billion and growing thats not close to 80%. A new study from PwC estimates that 38 percent of U.S. jobs could be lost to automation in the next 15 years. Nearly 40 percent of jobs in the U.S. may be vulnerable to replacement by robots in the next fifteen years, according to a new study by the research firm

  8. Why don’t you ask this man about his UBI plan, or gun policies instead of trying to sensationalize circumcision and trying to make a quick buck off people clicking this.

  9. Imagine running a serious presidential campaign and the first tmz question you get is about baby wiener snipping 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

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