A$AP Rocky Arrested for Street Fight in Stockholm, Sweden | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

A$AP Rocky is under arrest in Sweden for a street fight and now faces a very serious charge — this despite video that seems to show he and his team were NOT the aggressors. Also, Lil Nas X had clearly been thinking about coming out as gay for a long time, and the best evidence of that is the cover of his debut album … a cover that was in the works for weeks.


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    • For all the idiot’s that’s gonna get on this thread and dispute facts just simply go to your search bar and carefully type the name ASAP ROCKY but you don’t have to use caps as I demonstrated and poof!! You’ll see all the videos TMZ didn’t show you of the whole incident that occurred.

    • @Panamera Ghost no. I went by what tmz showed until other people told me

  1. Selfdefence this is this was afgan heroin gangs that walk around harassing ppl all day everyday try to rape and touch women sometimes men. And the hit asaps crew first so self defense they should up beat up even more they were nice and patient

    • Americans have to start learning that different countries don’t take violence lightly like they do back in the US. So if you’re in a different country, shut your mouth, keep your emotions to yourself and go back to the US if you want to act like a fool.

    • @C Dionne u must be the dumbest ever there is no rules to a reaction these dirty heroin afgan hit first and just touched some girls

    • Like a Rambo……..or wait Rambo was fighting against russians…….hmmmmm

    • @Arnold Schwarz *Always has, Always WILL… Leftists playing identity politics constantly, haven’t you noticed?

    • qusk defending is jumping someone when they are down on the ground? =/ you saw that all the videos are edited so you cant watch full video

  2. GJ I’ll say for kickin’ their asses!👍🏼 He will soon be released.
    Greetings from a random Swede🇸🇪

    • The vikings were already trading with eastern europeans and made interesting board games. In one of their sagas they were attacked by native americans while traveling to Canada when the fermented milk they offered was assumed to be poison so ya your image of them is a little skewed not because they werent raiders that part is true but because a lot of people were violent back then and is it a coincidence that the viking age started not long after the hun invasion of europe

    • @Arnold Schwarz Google “Bantu Invasion” and learn something about humanity… Nobody is innocent

    • Tobey so sad what Sweden has become thanks to the immigrants. It’s so sad how now the Swedish government marginalizes their own people and treating immigrants who rape and do other crimes like Kings.

    • Men from Sweden, you should do something against justice in Sweden. Aggressors, rapists etc. are protected by law. TMC shows only the part where he looks like the bad one, but there’s a backstory. Or else, once, Sweden will be full of criminals, I mean, all criminals want to be protected by the law, right?

    • @Player 78 and the government just lets them and a lot of the population are so blinded by liberalism that they don’t care or see what’s clearly happing just compare the crime statistics from before they were there too now.

    • @Alexis Massey Blacks migrate alot there and do alot of problems just look at the somalis and see how many girls they raped there

  3. TMZ are a bunch of snakes always showing the bad side of situations and not putting out the whole story.

    • For a good reason. Those two afghan migrants were groping a girl and Asap went to her defence.
      Ps: stay away from Sweedistan if you don’t want to get raped by middle eastern men

    • @DurexDurpaneu2 how do you know that, proof pls :v,
      PD: That last comment is so racist :’v

    • @DurexDurpaneu2 So ASAP is now the police huh? He should’ve called the authorities and not commit assault

    • Asamii and what let them continuously grope the girl and run away before the police comes. Chill he did the right thing

  4. Funny how y’all show the whole fight but show only 2 seconds of him trying to do things the right way first

    • @NEYEN ETHER u too dnt want yo negativity the world is hurting enough God is the reason always and if you don’t know that don’t talk much to the rest of us that do and know and understand thank you have a great night

    • AMEN the devil is completely mocking god by using gay people and the pride flag to mock him. people don’t know what’s going on because they’re distracted by social media

    • 2Bros1Wave it acutally do! rainbow represents God promise to never flood the world again. its non condemnation toward mankind. JESUS CHRIST crucifixion is the biggest symbol of God love for mankind. but we must repent from our sin n live a righteous life. HOMOSEXUALITY is an abomination.

  5. Well they wouldn’t leave ASAP rocky alone shii I would’ve done the same

  6. The immigrants were attacking ASAP rocky and his crew one of the immigrants even hit one of his body guards with headphones and made him bleed but he didn’t proceed to retaliate don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet especially from sources like tmz

  7. This guy followed them around for 30 minutes taunting , and provoking them, sounds like the guy was looking for a Payday.

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