A$AP Rocky Being Held in Inhumane Conditions in Swedish Jail | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

A$AP Rocky is being held in a Swedish jail with shockingly inhumane conditions — feces hurled about and not cleaned up, wretched food and facilities that are not fit for human beings … this according to sources with direct knowledge of Rocky's situation. Also Meghan Markle has no time for commoners snapping pics of her at Wimbledon — her security demanded people to turn their lenses away while she watched Serena Williams.


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  1. Y’all helped make it happen so don’t act like y’all care TMZ….😒

    • @Young Aartizt so i take it tmz saw all of this but purposely waited to press record when they felt asap wad gonna fight the dude?

    • @pattibjee
      Yo so ganging up on someone and repeatedly kick his head is self defense? Lol. American are spoiled with your law system. The rest of the world have no bail system but somehow American do. This is reality of prison system in Asia and Europe

    • @WAVEY xWULF Wtf?! Do you seriously think ve have special jails for black people? During the past millenium we have been taking care of Africans in a scope you Americans don’t even know about. So please don’t come and play the American race card with me.

    • @Stan The Man! You have no idea what you’re talking about. Please fact check your statements. Otherwise I’m assuming you’re a Russian troll. Probably still on the Trump-payroll.

    • @Stan The Man! No our jails are not overpacked. Our justice system isn’t working like in America or Russia. Keep on studying since you American and Russian trolls are yet on the junior level.

    • @Candy Girl Whou the hell are you. Surely not from an imternet linguistic home

    • Agreed. sweden jails are a vacation… Now If he was arrested in (Venezuela) it would be HELL ON EARTH FOR HIM LOLLLLL💀💀

    • @Alexander Källberg the judge just ordered 1 more week of jail today until ge can see the judge, due to flight risk. That sucks, but honestly my point is these rappers tout how tough they are and jail culture yet hes crying over the “inhumane” conditions when the doors are left open, he has tv and a game console in his room, proper bed and bedding. Its kind of a joke

    • N/A for real you’re lucky if that’s all same with the UK that was probably worse except they at least have you in a separate cell most places. Neither are good nor clean. It doesn’t have to be very nice or anything but the surfaces shouldn’t be practically designed not to be easily cleanable and have stuff engrained in them, unsanitized. It’s 2019 it isn’t really advanced technology or expensive to just make sure people aren’t causing additional burdens on the healthcare systems, turning innocent/unlawful arrests (there are trials for A LOT of reasons) into life endangering situations.

  2. Where can u find these inhumane conditions in Sweden? XD you can’t even find dirty water over there!

  3. Prisons in Scandinavia have more facilities than my house. He’ll be aight.

    • @ETA UNKNOWN nope he got 21 years it Was in Norway and i followed this case,
      But yeah 21 jail years are 17,5 full years.

      I know that Norwegian and Swedish Prisons are the best

      But still you know your in a prison cus you see the walls from the high secure ones you know your on the inside,
      But yeah its still totally ok. Inside

    • @Magnus Fjellheim Kristensen I had actually forgotten to look it up so thanks. But yeah, now that you say that, it’s the percentage of actual served time that makes it so low. Having said that, compared to the crime its nothing considering theres still ppl being held in American prisons since the 70s that only got busted for weed. Its gotta be disheartening to know you’re still pulling time for a weed charge when someone in another country committed mass murder and already set free while you still got a ways to go. But, such is life, right.

    • @ETA UNKNOWN in denmark its only 16. dont know what it is in sweden though

  4. Straight up that’s BS. In Sweden they also have jails with no bars. This is crap

    • That’s not all of their jails, their source was an official from the U.S. Embassy. That’s about as credible as it gets.

    • @Antoine
      If anyone here is wrong, prove it. Can’t be the smartest person here simply by being pretentious.

  5. Its Sweden have you seen thier jails or prisons, the are fancy hotels

    • a racist country. he is sleeping on the floor. His food is too disgusting to eat and he’s starving. His cell is cold af and he has no blanket.

    • @packflipper im sorry i didn’t know you were there, please tell me how the reports from the man himself in a cage conflict with your inside knowledge

  6. He is in Sweden lol. Not in America. Prison is fine, TMZ is the reason cancer exist.

    • Jay j there is a low crime rate and Scandinavian countries have the highest HDIs in the world. Chill out dude.

    • All swedish prisons have solo cells.
      You CAN’T be with anyone else, that’s supposed to be a part of the punishments for being in prison actually being incarcerated.

    • Agree totally with you on that! TMZ is responsible for a lot of stuff that gets circulated because they never stop doing what they do at any cost and literally don’t care so I found it weird that the main presenter was ‘worked up’ it was really bothering him but he has no problem with paying for anything and streaming it straight to us but it’s our problem too without demand there’d be no reason to go paparazzi and in any case Rocky was defending himself because they wouldn’t stop and he should have kept it between him and the security and only when he approached Rocky he had crossed the line,
      I’m surprised no one lashed out sooner but they were told by Rocky to let it go & he had to defend himself what gives that low life the right to be aggressive enough that Rocky went into Defensive Mode? Frankly he should have just got their details & report it to police or call them to the incident instead of learning the hard way & is my opinion that he is obviously a trouble maker from history & risked his life ‘as he told the court he had thought he was going to be killed’ which as I’ve said earlier he was clearly pursuing against a big body guard like that & Rockys crew ready to defend him and themselves on sight so he chose to make the decision to swing on him & his entourage & then play victim & cry he didn’t act scared when he took everybody on then cry and spit the dummy like a baby.

  7. The rumors going around the internet rn are just plain slanderous. All inmates have their own beds & drink the same (perfectly clean) tap water as the staff. The menu at ”Kronobergshäktet” for this week includes: Sausage Stroganoff w. rice, pasta w. spicy pastasauce & pork & for dessert rhubarb pie w. vanilla sauce. Even Rocky’s own lawyer has denied the claims that he can’t make phone calls or see people from the embassy. Please quit spreading all this ludicrous disinformation.

    • Travis Heitzman your white & your a broke boy! And your point is? 🤷🏽‍♀️😆

    • Cass Smith imagine uploading videos on YouTube and only getting 3 to 5 views on them 😂 give it up broke boy your channel will never grow 🥵

    • @411 media oh wow, you looked at my channel 😂😂 those were for my 9 year old nephew who kept begging to watch me play the game but we aren’t around each other. I started streaming on twitch for him cause I didn’t feel like making vids, but I’m not trying to become a big YouTuber 🤦🏻‍♂️ I make my money from actually doing good work for the community.

  8. Y’all acting like hes being held in a third world country😂 Chill, its just Sweden hes good lmao

    • @jessica rose you can still get raped even if you have your own cell …they have something called the PREA policy ….stands for PRISON RAPE ELIMINATION ACT and they came up with this WHY you ask? WELL BECAUSE RAPE does HAPPEN on jails and in prisons ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AND NOT ALWAYS BY THEIR CELLY …..EVEN THE C.O’Z ARE GUILTY OF RAPE ON INMATES…JUST A LITLE INFO FOR YOU💁😜✌🙏

    • @Man I Can A person I know was caught by the police while carrying around tabs of acid. He spent some nights in the same jail as Asap.
      He’s laughing at the TMZ claims.

    • @Man I Can definitely… its bullshit.. swedish jail its waaaaay better than a hotel.

  9. A$AP Rocky’s lawyer’s stays that none of this is true. Thanks TMZ for being trash.

  10. Sweden have probably the nicest looking prisons. The rooms are like basic hotel rooms.

  11. “Inhumane Conditions” send that mf to Rikers real quick instead of that 4* hotel of a prison he’s in rn.

  12. ppl should keep in mind that when TMZ says “according to their sources” that means they talked to the toothless crack addict that live down the street from their office building 😂

  13. Swedish prison is more luxury Then living in residential home, prison food is even better Then swedish school food. Think before you comment!

  14. I hope you know that Swedish prison food costs more then the school food. And the prison is like a 5 star hotel.

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