Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriends – THE FIGHT! | TMZ TV

Well, it wasn’t so much a fight as it was Safaree Samuels getting his ass kicked by a bunch of Meek Mill’s boys.


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Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Boyfriends – THE FIGHT! | TMZ TV


    • Jamez Jarrett He didn’t know Safaree was going to play him like that.. His friend had his back like he was suppose to.

  1. Damn Safaree a punk. He’s friend had the chance to run too, but didn’t, he still went after them…much respect for the friend.

    • A celebrity or a famous person fighting anybody will ruin their career, cameras are everywhere, catching every movement and putting it on the news immediately. That’s why Sia said she can’t go to the dentist😂


    • sometimes water is soft and sometimes water is solid you a dumbass for that analogy

    • Lol agreed, BUT i hate too much Respect For Water and wouldn’t want to insult it by associating it’s Great name with these damn clowns 😂
      Remember, when water gets angry they name hurricanes after it☆

  3. The funny thing about this bs is that everyone sits there and laughs about this till someone dies or gets shot it happens in our community s everyday meaning blk or Hispanic truth is we’re just satisfying the bigger players in the game ….TMZ This Ain’t Even Entertainment Its Not Cool To Be Beating On People Or Humiliating Others …. Beat Someone At Chess Or Something 💯

  4. What losers. Hopefully this turns into a 2Pac vs Biggy situation. NATURAL SELECTION AT IT’S FINEST!!! 🤗🤣

  5. Scumbags! 😂. All these rappers have all this cash, but can’t buy common decency 😆

  6. His friend is the real warrior he came to help and only to be left alone I would stop being his friend after than

  7. Only on TMZ. In real life someone would have got toasted then the news and the cops would be there.

  8. Bhp ENT 357 real Jamaican will never run like I will bus my gun rights there

  9. Meek’s goons reminds me of the henchmen that the villains on Batman (from the 1960’s) employed. They weren’t very effective either. Lol.

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