‘ANTM’ Star J Alexander Slams Burberry’s Hoodie with a Noose | TMZ

J Alexander is blasting Burberry for showcasing a hoodie with a noose around the neck … saying the people who gave it the green light are the ones who should be hanged!


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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    • How do you ignore a slap in the face & plz dont tell me to turn the other cheek I like the fact that they’re exposing they’re true self

    • By doing just that…..stop complaining cause the more you get outrage, the more they will do it, stop buying their things, and stop talking about racism, the end.

  1. Fashion companies are definitely attempting to get Attention at any cost… and attempting to provoke folk. We gotta stop responding in public to the nonsense and instead, NOT respond with our coins. ✌🏽

    • tupac spirit …yea lots of us will who are hooked on brands. I’m just not one of dem folk. Don’t give a damn about no Gucci, Duchi, Prada, Shotta, Burberry, yada yada…

  2. Their designers knew EXACTLY what they were doing. Who in their right mind would PAY $300- $400 to wear something like THAT around their neck?

    • Somebody who’s trying to pissoff black people.. smdh Just goes to show how many people/companies are jealous of blacks & are trying to break blacks down & make em feel like sht. Ain’t gonna happen tho, considering the african american culture is now taking over the world. From China to London to Canada, it seems to be unstoppable. lol So don’t let it bother you, they have to keep taking the racist artifacts back down anyway… so it’s a waste of their own time & money, plus it exposes them.

    • Since when is a noose representative of just one culture that news has been hanging all types of people four generations Jews blacks Irish Scotsman come on guys get real

    • +Brent Travis crimminals went to the gallows for punishment but a lot of blacks were hung for being black, in the wrong place and at the wrong time. That’s the difference, we can forgive but it is very difficult to forget

  3. Lmao Burberry too? Heres the thing they have marketing departments these companies know what they are doing.

  4. *_I love me some Miss J Alexander!!!! & yes!! That’s what I just said!! They’re doing it on purpose for attention!!_*

  5. All these companies know there’s a total collapse on its way. They’re trying to cause controversy from an elite vantage point to make us hate each other because in the end the corporate owners and their close lackeys will be able to survive.

  6. The fashion world is just as important in history. So we better care because our lives matter, we didn’t die in vain. We are very influential in design etc one of the major problem. Is division almost us, this however is the perfect example of buying BLACK and helping our kind for a change. Now they are forcing us to finally make that choice.

  7. White ppl have been lynched just as much as black people throughout history. In fact there isn’t a race of ppl to walk the earth that hasn’t been lynched. So Burberry is literally offending every race of ppl not just blk ppl. But when you see a lynch rope the 1st thing that comes to mind is blk ppl.

    • Sense of Tumor.. Stop lying! You mean PINK people and BROWN people. Knowing your colors is important.

    • +PalePinkGeneticAnnihilationTY HeroinFentanylOpioids true, but is that all you took from it?

    • +Rap Cat I can’t have an intellectual conversation with a racist white troll, with a racist profile pic. Why did I waste my time

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