Godfrey Says Jussie Smollett Owes Apology to Everyone, Including MAGA Fans | TMZ

Godfrey seems flummoxed by the Jussie Smollett situation, but he's pretty sure the "Empire" star is lying … and it's time for him to start an apology tour.


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  1. He used 2 AMERICANS. You see how they devide. Guy’s go on a 2 week trip and all of a sudden they’re from Wakanda.

    • +Danny Bowen Theres nothing confusing about a person knowing theyre tribal/ethnic background, culture, history etc.. people are just confused in america

    • +Abayomi Usi
      Nigeria has multiple tribes, and those are the ethnicities, not one’s place of origin.

    • Youre just confusing yourself.

      1. No ones nigerians lineage is solely in Nigeria. Nigeria is a young country meaning nigeria didnt exist before colonialism hence why TRIBE is so important. Same goes for every black african country.

      2. Your ethnicity meaning your ancestry does not change once you move or are born else were thats silly. If you are nigerian in america and end up having a child that moves to say… Korea The fact that you are nigerian means more to the child and their children then the fact that you were born in america! Why? because it is your nigerian ancestry that is being passed on.

      3. Knowing once ethnicity IS important because without it you are lost. Thats just facts.

      4. When does it stop? I think its pretty simple e.g no point claiming nigerian when it is only your grandparent or great granparent that is ethnically nigerian or …

      And what do you mean “what if one is european”? I dont understand why you are so confused… in that case the person would be BIRACIAL and of nigerian and whatever european descent

      Ethnicity is not “selective” reasoning. In the US and americas maybe due to history but in most european, african and asian countries its pretty clear.

      An Ethnicity is a group of people that are linked through culture, ancestry, history, often also genetics, language etc etc..
      Some ethnic groups are more diverse than others. E.g in most African countries one ethnic group can have 4 or more tribes. Tribes that have different dialects and different influences etc but still share the same ethnic background. And of course some ethnic groups are related due to migration.

      In the US or americas a ethnic group is more about language, influences and history in that country. E.g Afro latinos being Afro latinos because of their language and spanish influences. However historically they share more in common with black americans and other black ethnic groups in the diaspora than they do with white, native or mixed latinos etc…

    • +SHAKA38 Ethnicity and tribe do not mean the same thing. One ethnic group can have mutliple tribes but not all do. Tribes are just subgroups of an ethnic group. Eg how the Fante are a tribe of the Akan ethnic group

    • Zo Give us a break and stop overreacting. They ARE Nigerian. Just like all of my family born in America still consider themselves Jamaican and still visit there. They are Nigerian versus being Black American, if u wanna go there.

  2. Jussie needs to first, apologize. Second, he needs to serve his time. These are real crimes, felonies, and could’ve provoked a race war. Sick.

    • +l l the black conservative movement is LARGE & GROWING EVERYDAY! The media won’t show you that because that goes against the NARRITIVE they brainwash you with.

    • Democrats are communists of tomorrow Exactly! Imagine if any blacks went out for revenge and killed an innocent white. And then if that created riots and a race war!!!

    • Democrats are communists of tomorrow He can’t apologize if he won’t CONFESS. He seems to be a narcissist and pathological liar. In his head, he’s bigger than Oprah and MLK.

  3. Nope. Jail time. He cost Chicago and even the FBI had to waist their time on this. Fitting punishment is jail time.

    • He’ll be protected….. ” some ” will back him up after the fact of being guilty of this crap…..and theyll accuse the PD, etc of excessive punishment for his crime.

    • Goody two shoes CPD has close to 2 dozen people working on this case?? How can they afford that? Yet, 18 murders were committed in the same month?? How many detectives working on those crimes? CPD is costing their taxpayers thousands of dollars.

    • +tinaloveseddie
      _Goody two shoes CPD has close to 2 dozen people working on this case??_
      By CPD you mean Chicago PD? No, this is a high profile case with high visibility that warrants the attention. No, Jussie is costing the taxpayers money by lying about a non-existent crime to the CPD, which had to act on it. It’s Jussie’s fault completely, 100%.

    • Brenlen Strong plus if you noticed HE did not file a police report….his “friend” did. so even if they do go after him his “friend” will catch the charge not him. this was crafted by the network.

    • I hope he doesn’t do the time…if y’all are black and turning on this dude then, you guys have no loyalty to you’re race…im not mad at him, idc what he did

    • Kin J that’s a Dumbass reason even though I agree doing time for a lie which nobody was hurt in is a bit too much. The guy career is already done.

    • I don’t think he will either. Or, VERY little time will be done compared to what a non celeb would get. Mark Geragos is already popping up on various news channels speaking on it, so I will not be surprised if he is representing Jussie now. Geragos seems to be trying to now spin that we should not trust any anonymous details that have been leaked by CPD in this case. I think he’s trying to sway opinion that CPD is not to be trusted on the whole which is problematic in my opinion. Jussie’s other attorneys have dropped out, so I’m preparing to hear he’s with Geragos who is known for repping very high profile celebs/cases. The fact that the defense lawyers somehow managed to stop both brothers from testifying in front of a grand jury just MINUTES before tells me there is going to be some kind of majorly desperate plea from Jussie and his legal team or some type of cooperation that will save him from getting the major smack down from the judge

  4. Jussie owes everyone in America an apology. He could’ve gotten people killed and to add insult to injury he’s still lying about it. He needs to do some serious time!!!

    • +ryan alex Kirby Puckett’s dead? Damn, when did that happen? I remember watching him play as a kid.
      Edit: When I was a kid, obviously, not him.

    • That’s a lie! I live on the westside of Chicago and when it was negative 20 degrees out here I heard gunshots lol 😂

  5. Kamala Harris is the mastermind, that’s why his indictment was postponed this morning! Jussie is snitching and TMZ was involved too!

  6. CBS America discovered that “Juicy Mullet” was arrested for a DUI some time ago. However, when the cops pulled him over, he lied to them and said that he was actually his brother…So he was quite happy to throw his brother under the bus. It’s looking more like he’s an egomaniac with psychopathic tendencies. He appears to lack empathy.

    • People are willfully blind. They believe, because it’s what they want to believe.
      This is a great example of confirmation-bias, and cognitive-dissonance.

    • Thoreau That it is. People see what they are led to believe, also. Then it’s even harder to reverse the thinking, accept the truth.

    • Lee Shmurda Simply being famous does not make someone’s thoughts and beliefs more important than someone else’s. The truth is, however, we allow their words to carry more weight and their platforms to be misused— ignoring what happened here, letting Smollett off the hook will only perpetuate that.

  7. He needs jail time. This was a blatant attempt at stiring racial hatred and portraying the president as someone who encourages this. Very serious, very wrong.

    • +Ace Lee so stir it some more with a hate crime hoax!?!?!

      People need to remove their heads from their asses and stop defending Jesse.

    • tcr333 portraying the prez and those who voted for him and those who dare to wear a MAGA hat. It was an attempt to silence the freedom of speech of 50% of America. This new Left scares me.

    • Yeah he should do time but let’s not act like Trump ain’t making people less afraid to be openly racist

    • Only because there was noi white people in the area. Imagine if the cameras caught two whities in the area. Their lives would have been ruined. That was his goal.

    • Jo Moeke History is full of injustice and cruelty…! There is not a space on this planet where mankind has exited and we have not executed the most brutal behaviour upon each other, call it tribal or survival,whatever you want. But no performance from Mr Smollett can change that, nor will it ease any past suffering, he needs to realise that, as we all do.

    • +Soph G I can’t lie, we do clutch on to it, but you act like black people are getting justice, 100 percent of the time..imean we are not like this because of ourselves…history did cause us to be this way…but I don’t feel like a victim but I know that I could be a victim, because America doesn’t care about me…idc how many black songs people listen to, how many presidents we have, how many commercials we have…we are still undermined in this country

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