Backpack Kid Speaks Out After Suing Fortnite Creator Over The Floss Dance | TMZ

Backpack Kid tells us his mom and manager feel Fortnite is taking advantage of him, and he's letting the grown-ups handle the legal process.


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    • +Jovaan McKinney if you guys think it’s only a 1 dollar/100 vbucks for the dance cause its 1 tier and fortnite didnt peak and got big till season 3 with john wick and season 4 with the rocket launch

      So I doubt a million ppl have it
      If they do win the mother isnt going to see much the lawyer is taking most of it cause I’m sure it was his idea

    • +ACPlayer619909 his momy prolly making him say that. N u believe everything this mf say how sad. U must be delusional into believing these rats . his dumb mommy could of sued long time ago but didn’t .

  1. At this rate people are gonna sue fortnite for trees

    Wow I didn’t know I was gonna get this many likes. Thanks I appreciate it!

  2. Im suing Fortnite because they use grass in game which is the same grass in real life on my backyard.
    also they stole a Christmas tree which look really similar to mine so yeah.
    thank you for over 1k likes , not the most I got.

  3. Your mom and your manager just killed your reputation for money, so be sure to thank them for manipulating you

  4. Lol only the year 2000+ kids thinking he created this dance but this was out in the 60s and would of been created by a caveman to attract his mate.

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