T.I. Believes Chris Brown in Rape Case Until Evidence Shows Otherwise | TMZ

T.I. is standing firm in defense of Chris Brown in the wake of a rape allegation, and he says it's because he still values "innocent until proven guilty" … unlike most folks.


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  1. Im scared to get famous! people set you up quick for the money even if it go away its still a stain on his career

  2. Tip is 100% right. People don’t care if Chris Brown is guilty or innocent. They want him to be shamed, humbled, and punished. It’s more entertaining.

    • Sometimes it’s the other way around… guilty until proven innocent and that is the case with Chris Brown

    • +Dr Cheats there is a big difference between being an American (being from North or South America) and being a US citizen. If if you aren’t a US citizen, the Constitution still applies to All US citizens.

    • +Bryant Based off that same video he was found not guilty! I mean I wouldn’t trust the guy but!

    • U right bruh and the video old we talkn bout the recent claims. And just like it aint no proof. If he did do it. R Kelly coukdnt habe done it without those parents consent. It was a business deal between the parents, tge girls that are old enough and kells. Plus we aint went after tge crackers that are politicians that ron pedophile rings and take 4 5 and 6 yr olds againts their will and with no consent and rape them and then sell them but we gon do this to our own that couldnt have done nothing without the parents first. Shiiiiit and thats if he did it. Bcus, just bcus someone said this happen dont mean it happened

  3. Absolutely. It seems like they’re on an agenda now so I’m skeptical of everything and I’ll continue until they start sending everyone else to jail. Roman Polanski is still in France and no one is attempting to come after him

  4. After it came out he was innocent Twitter was quite about Chris Brown no one wanted to apologize . Im not a fan but that is just really unfair treatment.

  5. He told the truth when he said people are already convicted by public opinion before trial even begins

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