Barron Trump Play Date Covered by Secret Service’s Big Guns | TMZ Chatter

Barron Trump's going to have seriously high caliber play dates from here on out … courtesy of the Secret Service and the U.S. Coast Guard.

The 10-year-old and his friends were hanging at Mar-a-Lago over the Thanksgiving weekend, and the lawn was fully covered by several badasses with BIG guns — by sea, ground and, we're guessing, air.

Donald Trump's Florida estate presents security challenges because of its accessibility from the water. The Secret Service has said it will deploy more than 920 agents to protect the President-elect, his kids, their spouses and his grandkids.

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Barron Trump Play Date Covered by Secret Service's Big Guns | TMZ Chatter


    • You know TMZ doesn’t take these photos, right? Someone with access does, then TMZ buys the photos off them.

    • Killing a president kid isn’t going to make the country goverment change or anything, therefore it is dumb to shot a 10y/o kid, kidnapping in the other hand can do more thing, that’s why you see in movie they kidnap instead of just shot ’em in the first place, and sniping a target that has unpredictable move is a challenging thing to do, failure to do so will result the entire country looking for you.

  1. $2M a day for four years $2.92B dollars in security. DAMN. And if he gets re-elected it would be $5.84B

    • And add all the things you have to buy FOR the secret service like the boats and everything

    • You have to look at it more like an insurance policy if they get kidnapped or assassinated its more like a national security issue potentially costing hundred of billions.

  2. Has tmz ever been to NYC? I see those coast guard patrol boats with the machine guns all around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island

    • Cameron S every fed agency looks for resume qualified (generally on paper) personnel who can prove to be actually qualified (specifically qualified for capability to meet agency standards), and minorities are a plus bc they’re always looking to diversify.. Your USAF service with hon discharge is why you were likely even granted an interview. The “failed” polygraph you mention was bc the state you applied in, you didn’t know anyone that would vouch for you. The polygraph has a purpose and that is to weed out undesirables. Police agencies are generally good ol boy type deals, where family gets seniority for employment. Trust me bro, you’re better off going federal anyway bc while many Troopers are well qualified and skilled, there are just as many who are idiots that only got hired bc their daddy was the major, colonel, whatever (I always laughed at those two military ranks designated for civilian police, it’s actually hysterical to me).

    • Brandon Elias Secret Service does not hire you need to be selected in a special way first is to join HLS or Homeland Security and then go through selections and screening and it is a very rare to pass. If you have MEX experience you have a better chance

    • The last Operator you are partially right, while there is a stringent selection process for Secret Service employment, it is in fact still employment. They don’t offer positions for individuals who happen meet criteria unless that individual has sought employment. To just offer anyone a position, they still must apply. Also, there is no such thing as HLS, the acronym is DHS Dept. of Homeland Security and within it are two main sectors , the field operations portion of the dept. being HSI or Homeland Security Investigations (all DHS field operations personnel are designated to HSI)…I think HSI is probably what you meant.

    • Brandon Elias you have to be appointed. To be around the president at least. You also have to be appointed to the Counter Sniper team they have. Which less than 200 members have been appointed since the 1970s. Now as far as secret service for ex politicians or ones with less pressure on them probably won’t have to be appointed but you’ll most likely need former law enforcement or military experience doing similar things. Or have a master’s. Plus you need clearance

  3. when the paparazzi gets so bad you have to have a militia armed with m60’s to play monopoly

  4. Of course he needs the secret service. Hell even just running for President there were thousands of people posting they want trump assassinated. I seem to remember Obama taking his nice private jet for vacations constantly.

  5. Barron Trump is just Autistic and has had a Hard, Tough Life…

    He’ll probably get a very, very small tiny Loan of a Few Billion Dollars when he turns 18.

    • Riyadh annnd it had been a year already. Did he brought the job back?

    • Develop Prumbo Wow, you are a racist. Everyone knows nobody can’t steal someone’s job. Ask me why, ill gladly answer, kid.

    • Andrew Horry or for trained assassins that protect one of the most powerful, though hated, people in the world

  6. God bless Barron and may God keeps his life blessed with loving family! I only like people that wish well and great things to others.

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