Will Bill Cosby’s Prison Sentence Set The Bar For Other Celebrities? | Behind the Bar

Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in jail this week and reported to a maximum security prison. The TMZ lawyers break down why the prison sentence may vary by state for other potential trials involving celebrity figures like Harvey Weinstein.


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    • Gen. Snoball  No question more blacks in prison as a % of the population, but the facts are since 2000, the rate of black women in prison has dropped 47% but white woman is up 56% . Male Black imprison rate is down 22%, while white men is actually up 4%. So racial disparity has dropped a quarter… many reasons for this change, not necessarily all race related…

    • I’m guess Larry Nassar and Jared Fogel have been screwed then seen as deys white😂and OJ..R Kelly.. Don King Michral Jackson all are rotting in jail?

    • Did I miss the Judge Kavanaugh trial? When was he arrested, charged, and convicted? Can you link me to a video of the trial? Thanks!

  1. It’s sad that the same white folks calling for Bill to die in prison will go silent when it’s time for Harvey Weinstein or other whites to go through the fire, smh

  2. All my life, I grew up with that comedian, watching FAT ALBERT &THE COSBY KIDS , now I am getting 2nd thoughts about that Bill Cosby and, man , I am glad he is getting what he deserves in prison!!!😡🖕

    • Shakam RaishLahab ] Thank you for YOUR comment, Shakarn! Is this some quote from the Bible or any other book you read ?

  3. It is going to set the bar just for those celebrities who are of color like Bruno Mars said don’t believe me just watch🤷🤷🤷

  4. When will police be held accountable is the real question ffs
    Y’all out here pretending like this case big news when police get away with killing innocent civilians every damn day nearly smfh

  5. Why would women be alone, in -bedroom settings with married men? Assault is wrong but women need to take accountability for their own actions including lack of safety, as well.

    • Nina Mari Jones wow nice job blaming the victim . there is no excuse. she was drugged so I’m sure she didn’t make the best decisions . Cosby is a rapist and got exactly what he deserves

    • Women also willingly take illegal drugs and have consentual sex, especially with higher status men they admire. This is still prevalent since a huge boom in the 70s, where being a celebrity was iconic and had immense value, due to the limited platforms for exposure. Who knows if every accuser did not willingly take the drugs and Cosby KNEW they were too inebriated to consent? To accuse this requires no proof to cause to financial and irreparable reputation damages. With millions of dollars at stake, I can’t blame a lot of women taking a plunge in victimhood to receive some silencing money with sexual encounters of famous men. They only hurt the perception of rape victims as gold diggers for true female victims who have no financial stake from their trauma and don’t care about the notoriety.Hollywood does not represent society. Nothing changed by putting BIll away, other than proving how much people have become lemmings to slowly revert into McCarthyism if the TV tells you its in the name of progressiveness, helping women and those who don’t are bigots. False perception of real reality

  6. Somebody tell me when they going to give Harvey Weinstein the death penalty then I’ll feel good and not so bad for Bill Cosby

  7. It’s this going as planned with the media because i noticed how everyone just skipping over the key word (evidence)

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