Black Power Ranger Walter Jones — The Show Wasn’t ALWAYS Racist | TMZ

The Pink Ranger was a ditzy white girl … the Yellow Ranger was Asian … the Black Ranger was black — but the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" didn't start out SO racist … so says one of its original stars.

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Black Power Ranger Walter Jones — The Show Wasn't ALWAYS Racist | TMZ


  1. if you grew up in the 90’s and you watched power rangers, you had the best play time pretending to be one of those cast 😀

  2. You Know as a white kid growing up in Canada. Zack was My Favourite (until Tommy Showed Up).  It’s Exactly what he just said. You had A leader, a Nerd 2 girls and cool guy who could fight while Dancing, or Dance While Fighting, however you see it.  He was the coolest. By Design or otherwise.

    • Right, I think I traded favourites depending on the episode. Zack was my first, often Red, then Greena and White.

    • Jason was my Fav. I never liked Tommy, IDK why. Now looking back I like Zach, He was cool and Funny and Walter is a Cool guy as well.

    • Will Serrano because he not dealing with a black women so he stress free health free

    • They’re right, black doesn’t crack – most of the black female models, entertainers and actors I had a crush on from the 80s and 90s all look as good as they did in their prime- Vanessa Williams, phylicia rashad, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Janet Jackson ,Tichina Arnold and Jada Pinkett

  3. I’m glad I was to young to know what racism was when the show was going on and I honestly think there wasn’t enough Zack/Black Ranger moments in the show, that battle axe was one of the best weapons of all the Ranges weapons, who wouldn’t want a axe/gun in one lol there was an episode where it was later in the show with Zed and the dances moves came into play with badass action before the Morphing scene.

    • DefinitelyNotSam

      That’s not a fact. They don’t age any better on average. It is all lifestyle and diet. I look at Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Tom Cruise as being like genetic freaks. Really young looking for their ages. Here we have Walter Jones who of course is the same way.

    • But David Yost still looks scrumptuous. No matter his sexuality, I’d still try hitting on him today if I didn’t know his preference. 🙂 He got really good-looking after season one.

  4. I forgot to mention! He looks so young for his age! Again black don’t crack!

    • Dany Rockwell power rangers don’t age remember​ except him Tommy Kimberly Jason some what and R.I.P to Trini Billy aged though

    • +Arc Evan’s it’s not even about race lmao. White’s don’t age bad. Blacks don’t age bad. He hasn’t aged any tho he still 19 I think

  5. My favorite Power Ranger. Walter (Zack) was the only black superhero most of my friends knew. I was a comic book guy so I knew plenty, but I appreciated him for what he was to our community.

  6. All I heard was 800 people tried out for 3 male lead roles and this talented guy right here got one of those roles.

    • Why do certain people, particularly people like “Average Man” always bring up affirmative action when it comes to black professionals yet forget they overlook people white like themselves benefited from affirmative action before the phrase was even coined.
      Go look up Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and Truman’s Fair Deal programs that aided white males to getting employment in the 1930s-40s that favored them giving allowing the first picks for jobs over everyone else, at the same time discriminated minorities that got whatever was left, or none at all due to Jim Crow laws restricting them.
      Go Youtube this if you don’t believe me. There’s Smithsonian video highlighting America and it’s recovery from the Great Depression.
      It’s strange that some people take time to focus on one aspect of government aide and try to use it as a negative against an entire people.

    • Kenny Bucketz I think you’re making unbacked assumptions. They asked for a dancer, most good dancers (especially at the time) were black. If they were intentionally casting by race then the original yellow ranger wouldn’t have been mexican

    • Cameron Schiff I think you’re making unbacked assumptions, especially when you say., “most good dancers were black.” That has no backing and is completely an opinion. Maybe it’s true, but that is completely an opinion. Now I’m going off of what he said. He said the brothas were going for the part of Zach. That tells me that power rangers were looking for a black guy to play the dancer. Movies and shows often say who they want for a certain part. Do you think they allowed men to try out for the link ranger role? I doubt you do. I’m sure they said they want a woman, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they said a white woman between the ages of [enter age range]. They are specific for these things. To say all the black guys just happened to try out for the dancing role because black guys can dance is pretty racist or you ask me. If they opened it up to where there were no requirements for each role you could try out for, I’m sure there would’ve been brothas trying out for each role and not just all dancers. Black people are into different things and don’t just like to dance. Also, I never said each role was supposed to be the color of your skin, so you can throw the yellow ranger part out. But anyways, a Mexican can be seen as yellow by the way. Some Mexicans look more yellow than some east asians. Many Mexicans can also pass for Asians. Plus look, they used a white guy to play a native American on the show, so who’s to say they wouldn’t have used a Mexican to play an asian. But that’s not the claim I was making. Just because they chose a Mexican originally to be the yellow ranger does not mean they didn’t want certain races for different parts. They might’ve said that they wanted Asians and central/south Americans to play the role of the yellow ranger. The whole point of what I said was to say that he did not get the role because of affirmative action. I think they wanted a diverse cast, so if he got it because of affirmative action, everyone did, and that would defeat the purpose of it being affirmative action. Even if I’m wrong about them wanting a black guy to play Zach, I still don’t think he got the part because of affirmative action. That’s my whole point. I think they knew the type they wanted, just like most acting roles. You think the role of Jack in Titanic was open to black guys? I highly doubt it. They probably knew they wanted a young white male. For the role of Rose, I’m sure they wanted a young white female. Do you disagree? Look, power rangers was smart. I’m sure they wanted people of all races so they could ensure viewers from each race. Many white people would watch because there’s a white guy and white girl, many black people will watch because theres a black guy, many Latinos will watch because there was a latino, many Asians will watch because there was an Asian and many native Americans will watch because there was a white guy playing a native American. Diversity probably brought them more viewers than had they not had diversity. So yes, I think they purposely chose the races they chose. I don’t need backing to make an opinion, just like you don’t. I still have good evidence though, but again, my main point is, I don’t think Zach specifically got the job because of affirmative action. I think they saw him as the best out of who auditioned for the role.

    • GAMING WITH ACE …The white ranger was white, too 😉 …if you know what I mean hehe

  7. Towards the end of the series, Power Rangers reversed colors. A Asian guy as black ranger, black girl as yellow ranger.

    • +Justin All J how you not seen zeo quest? even if he wasn’t played by an asian actor (which he was.) the character of adam park (park being a common korean sirname) has asian ancestory, as his zeo quest took him to an unspecified park of what appeared to be japan.

    • +kradrol hey bruh I’m not trying to assume anything..wait is he asian or whatever in real life

    • +Justin All J the guy is asian. if you absolutely must, google “is johnny young bosh asian?”

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