Kanye West’s Rant In TMZ Office (Extended Cut) | TMZ

This is an extended cut of Kanye's Rant on TMZ Live including his heated back-and-forth with Van Lathan.


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    • Industry is getting exposed more from day to day…people who talk to much about it, get lobotomized or killed. The thing i dont get is…how are people still blind and dont open their eyes? Kanye seems to be in panic, but still sain. I think he is cornered and i think people should listen to what he said…they did the same to jim carrey, Dave chapelle…they were all ok till they try to expose the filth that are running us. Now they are marked as “crazy” because they were trying to tell the trouth..Wake up people of the world…stop watching TV, delete facebooks, twitters- its a good start.i promise a month after deleting all your social medias u will fill better..half of depressions go away only if u do that.

    • He says he doesnt care what people think and only do what he thinks is right, seconds later he says he had lipo to look good because of tmz trying to put the blame on them…see he constantly contradicting himself. Those who says hes a genius lets be real now. Yes he did good music in the past doesnt mean hes a genius for other aspects of life

    • TranSeeYou if you really believe someone can’t care about what people say, that person must be a psychopath. Nobody will take you serious if you go outside looking like a madman. He has to keep up an image in order to be able to come across in a straight way. Come on now use your brain.

  1. In America kanye west is “Crazy”
    To us in the rest of the world he is a genius. . . .

    • We in Germany don’t even know him hahahah no he is not a genius… you only need to tell the voks repeatedly you are a ginus and every ‘” stupid “” will belive that he is… for me he is an as* h*** 4 real…

    • Afarinaluv ahaha u seem to be very uninformed and controlled by your own rationalisation (that in reality isn’t really yours)

    • No to the rest of the world he is seen as someone disrespectful and in every country he with that attitude ppl will not like him ppl in America will like him even they think he is crazy cause they know his music and fame but to other he is nothing I know her by the guy who interrupted Taylor Swift in Grammy that is his fucking fame.

    • Twilight Angel he is famous because he won a lot of Emmy , and his songs are in every commercial…..

  2. I’m glad TMZ showed there were actual Lennon and Tupac paintings, because I was assuming Kanye was seeing dead people.

  3. I feel like Kanye is very misunderstood. He’s very intelligent, but doesn’t know how to fully articulate what he’s saying. When he says that “slavery was a choice” he doesn’t mean that people eagerly decided 400 years ago that “hey I want to be a slave!” He’s saying that the slaves could’ve changed their mindset to believe that black people shouldn’t be controlled by oppressors. He’s saying that black people should fight for their rights instead of complying with what white people forced them to do.

    • +Dee Driver We didn’t say God put us back into slavery, but we didn’t help our cause either all it took was for us to be obedient to his will not or will, but our will got us in the predicament that we are in specially today. The question is when are we going to let his will be our will. The truth isn’t always popular. The truth will hurt it will make you cry, but it’s the truth. If we are going to be mad about anything we should be mad at what we did to get us into a situation or situations not what Kayne West said or didn’t say. If we be honest with ourselves we got ourselves but into slavery because of our disobedience to God, so we did chose our own fate.

    • nah you are misunderstanding. When he says slavery is a choice his mainly referring to modern day society. We subconsciously in-slave ourself through our daily conventions(capitalism is the main driving for in this) and black people are the main ones fuelling the capitalist’s power engine.

  4. she got cut off quick. thank god. nobody asked for her opinion. she crossed he legs to get comfortable thinking shes gonna feel the spotlight.

  5. This MOFO is out his got damn mind, he still going hard about Trump, Peaceful World? What kind ok crack is this dude doing bro!!!

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