Brie Bella Likes to Remind Everyone That “She’s a Mom” | Total Bellas | E!

Nikki notices that her twin sister always uses the mommy card as her reasoning for any and everything. Watch the "Total Bellas" bonus scene!

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Brie Bella Likes to Remind Everyone That "She's a Mom" | Total Bellas | E!


  1. Wow the bellas inspire me to get back in shape.they have motivated me to show my weight loss journey in my new channel🏋️‍♀️

  2. I love the bellas and it make me so happy that they in back action. Deep down in Brie I know she always making the best decisions

    • Malisha Guerrier And those wrestlers are still hanging out with her behind Brie’s back because their also not a parent

    • Malisha Guerrier The people from WWE who Brie use to hangout with are gonna spend all lot of time hanging out with Nikki because they two are not in Brie’s shoes as a parent

    • Marisa Nicole true and it’s can be a mixture of Brie not being available if they do actually want to hangout with her or not wanting to be around her cause she may bring up the topic of being a mom. That could rub people the wrong way because everyone knows bout birdie and won’t put Brie in a situation where she would have to choose between bird or them. They probably just want Brie to put everything else aside for a little bit to hangout with a friend that they miss. It could be both of those or neither of those

  3. I’m a mom my friends are moms my friend is a Brie everything is because I’m a mom lol

  4. Its true. She is a mom!!! Sorry that ur feeling that way. A mom is the biggest accomplishment any woman can ever be!!! However its GOD timing and not everyone is meant to be a mom. So I feel like ur a bit hurt by it cuz your not. Just embrace it and be blessed that ur an aunt!!!

    • Mom is the biggest accomplishment? Are you in the 18th century? So Amelia Earhart was not a pioneer? Or is Marie Curie famous for having children?

  5. Brie is right though. U have know idea how much a child consumes ur time and really takes over ur life.

    • +brent mckenzie I love my children dearly, 2 of mine were planned and I have a 7 year gap between them but I got pregnant with my 3rd one when my 2nd one was just 5 months old. She fought her way through birth control Nd it has been very difficult raising the little two who are 1 and 2 years old. Buuuuuttt regardless of if ur children are planned or not I feel in society everyone always shows the cute part about having kids and ppl don’t have the right perception of what it is like having children. You just don’t know how much it takes until u have them. I feel I was never prepared for what it would be like having kids and that’s bc mother’s are almost afraid to speak the truth about how hard it really is. I am very honest to anyone who asks me about how it is raising children and we shouldn’t be shamed for it(and I’m not saying u r shaming me, I’m just taking this opportunity to tell it like it is).

    • +brent mckenzie dont mean she can’t feel that way. They do take up a lot of time.

    • +Maoriprincess _1 and it really isn’t for everybody. And I think it’s good to figure that out bc it’s also not fair to bring a child into the world and not take care of them properly.

    • +shai I ..soo whats your point..your a mum..congrats..thats yiur thing but some women dont need to constantly remind people that they are mums..they know people arnt blind and can see PROUD but dont shove it down people gets old to everybody but you and your family..STAND PROUD YOUR A MOM A MOM A MOM MOM

    • +brent mckenzie I think they exaggerated this scene, but when u are planning things and have to give reasons as to why u are not able to do it or why it’s not convienent for u majority of the time is bc of ur children. It’s not shoving it down any ones throat it’s just the answer to alot of a mother’s day to day decisions. I get that it can get old but as mother’s we can say the same thing. Non parents can’t take a hint. It’s like if u don’t wanna hear I’m a mom I’m a mom stop asking and making plans with me bc u know what the answer is and every time it will be bc of the kids.

  6. She does talk about being a mum, she uses it as a safety blanket, to excuse everting that she does like it’s ok

  7. Nik bring that blonde ombré high light hair style back ❤️🔥🙏🏽 it was lit & gawgus girl 😊😁

  8. People don’t understand that when your a mom everything & everyone around you comes second. Your first priority is your child/children

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