Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Dead At 72 | TMZ News

Dennis Hof — the owner of the famous Bunny Ranch where Lamar Odom overdosed — has passed away at the age of 72.


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    • Dennis was awesome! He did live his way, but he took the time to help all of us, sex worker or not. You could call him because you had a bad day at work. It’s weird that strangers online know who he is. I even saw this on the news. I have never seen that TV show though. Here, the ranches are just the right turn a few miles down the Highway, and Dennis is your buddy that owns them. Please stop in if you’re ever around.

    • +Brian Stone ayee shout out to you too, You didn’t put me on blast I kind of put myself on lol

    • jgirl32 lol good point I guess you did put yourself on blast haha it’s all good though

    • Unless you listen to Howard stern and know about when Eric the midget went to the bunny ranch.

    • I definitely watched cathouse as a pre-teen, late night, volume off and scared to death someone was going to walk in…😑RIP Dennis and my awkward youth self


    • +demarkus bolden that’s b******* period in Nevada prostitution in certain areas is legal as long as it’s through those ranches I believe. He’s been in business for many years and most black pimps I know don’t take care of their hoes. The Bunny Ranch was set up nice they all had their own rooms they all got tested I believe weekly or monthly and they were never forced to sleep with anybody. If all your s*** is in order you could go and apply for a license in Nevada so stop with all the f****** racial s***

  2. RIP Denis. Seemed to be a Super Cool Boss. Truly cared for his “Employees” and his clients. A Good man in a bad industry.

    • Oh yeah? Dennis actually wasn’t anything like that. I lived in a development with many of the working girls. He taught them to invest and save. They are doing very well for themselves. Not everyone has the same view on sex. I am not a sex worker and don’t want to be, but I know some really incredible women who are. Dennis was awesome and I’m always gonna miss his friendship. It literally makes me feel ill to hear people say stuff like what you are saying. We have a lotta poor people in this area, and he gave endlessly to everyone. He asked for no recognition either. He really cared for people, no matter who you were, and he looked down on nobody and hated nobody. He just accepted people for who they were and did anything he could to help.

  3. R I P😔 you made my late nights much better as a young curious teen with no real porn!!! The ladies are going to miss u much

    • A slice of heaven Yes I would imagine it would be hard to force women to do these acts with unscreened dangerous men.

  4. I’m sure a lot of the Citizens of Carson City Nevada and Mound House are happy he had a ton of angry wives and Girlfriends whose men would sit out at the Ranch all weekend.

    • +TheSassleburger you might be devastated but I’ve heard all the stories from fellow local truckers all over Northern Nevada about how their wives feel when they stop by the ranch.

    • Why is that Dennis’ fault? All Dennis did was set up a safe place for sex work. He did not force anyone to choose sex work and he forced no man to cheat on his wife! Some women around here are super jealous of the beautiful women at the ranches. So…if we get rid of legal prostitution, we will likely have illegal prostitution, since that’s how it is all over the world, even in places where they kill you for it. So then, that same trucker can stop by a shady motel and pick up and nice STD and bring that home to wifey. Prostitution is illegal in Reno (Washoe) but dang, we have a TON of it. I 100% would prefer my significant other to sleep with a brothel worker than a street walker. We’ve had no disease transmission….

  5. I remember as a kid I would sneak onto HBO and watch that show and switch it back to cartoons when parents walked in lmao good times

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