Demi Lovato Suffers Apparent Overdose, Transported to Hospital | TMZ News

Demi Lovato was rushed to an L.A. hospital after suffering what appears to be a heroin overdose … law enforcement tells TMZ. Law enforcement sources tell us Demi was treated with Narcan — an emergency treatment for narcotic overdoses — at her home. We've confirmed the OD occurred at her house in the Hollywood Hills.

Harvey Levin breaks down the news on Demi Lovato. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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    • ? ….latina is not a race…latino is an ethnic group in which different races share the same culture…what are they teaching you guy’s in school???

    • Brace yourself. I’m no not trying to be mean but i feal she’s gonna Amy Winehouse it in the end.

    • afro curly girl your ruining my bet, I got Demi Lovato in a perfecta with Aretha Franklin

  1. I’m trying to stay off my phone to avoid the “confirmed dead” notifications. Hoping it never happens

    • every one has demons, some people just don’t have the luck of not being in the public eye when there fighting them. i know for a fact that i wouldn’t want some one trashing me when i’m trying to fight mine. Sobriety isn’t an easy thing and you get set backs but you gotta keep fighting and that’s what i hope she does.

    • People forget that Harvey is actually a professional when it comes to this type of stuff

  2. My co worker commited suicide last week. She seemed fine. Even talked about the future. Crazy time we live in.

    • tonythesom it’s not him, she has been suicidal in the past; slitting her waist and struggling with addiction from helium to this

    • People.. life is limitless and beautiful. Live. Work. Achieve. Enjoy a drink with friends. Love.

    • The whole world is rotten to some degree. Governments profit from drugs, war and its citizens.

    • “The entertainment Industry is rotten?” What planet are you from? Here in the real world, people are dying from overdosing on drugs every day and they aren’t famous musicians or actors.

    • +don’t care What you actually mean is “people who purposefully inject themselves with intravenous drugs and then claim it’s a disease” do not discriminate.

    • Hol M No that’s not what they meant. Don’t care didn’t come up with this it’s been used before. They mean the victims of heroin are not of one particular group, that it can effect all types of people. And not it’s not stupid, you just don’t get it.

    • Hol M in other words bullets don’t have names either! And drugs & alcohol aren’t intended for people to become addicted to 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Jaab 313 No that is also not accurate. Heroin, meth, coke, I would say atleast the first two of those, are here for people to get addicted to.

    • don’t care — Tragically, you are correct. White, black, asian, hispanic, smart or stupid, rich or poor… heroin addiction can happen to anyone. It is an effect to a much deeper cause. Many people turn to it to self-medicate their depression. Many of them were sexually abused as children and are desperate to cloak their anguish. I hope and pray these individuals can get the help they need.

  3. Wtf was beer, wine or weed not good enough to release stress? Turning to that type of drug is low.

  4. An addict is always an addict no matter how long they’ve been sober. The struggle is real.

  5. Oh please, she claimed to be sober for six years but admitted later on in her tour with Nick that she had been using during that time period. And she calls other pop stars fake!

    • It worries me when me people say stuff like this or worse. We are just becoming more heartless everyday. I’m sure someday soon we will start critizing people on how they die as well.

    • theugliestART yeah, but that makes you really dangerous you psychopath. Ever heard of integrity? One day you can snap.

    • Yeah thats called a relapse. People with addiction relapse. That doesn’t mean her history being sober is erased 😡😡😡😒😒

  6. This is truly so sad. I hope that she gets the help that she needs. 🙏🏽
    Thank you TMZ for not bashing her or speaking low of her.

  7. This is so sad.. Thankfully she got help in time and there is the Narcan that helps in an overdose. Wish there was something like that for benzos. Anyways.. I can’t fault her, she’s only human. Wishing her the best.

    • L Bo Khlush is wrong in this instance but assuming does have its advantages at times.

    • Starscream91 You are spreading misinformation.

      “The therapeutic index of the benzodiazepines is high and the mortality rate associated with poisoning due to benzodiazepines alone (!) is very low.”

    • Benzos are a nightmare and taking with pain meds is no joke.even prescribed and not abusing em are hard to come off.

    • DjSmileyofLasVegas yes, withdrawal can even be fatal but taken alone they won’t cause overdose.

  8. does anyone else hate how the person filming keeps zooming in and out? I’ve noticed that trend along some people across YouTube

  9. she has no one to blame but herself
    stop making excuses for spolied rich people

  10. I hope she kicks the addiction. People who have any little clue of what addiction does to people wouldn’t be acting as heartless as some people are in the comment section right now. We have no clue how she was first introduced to the drug, she could have been under peer pressure or under the influence.
    Taking the drug was a choice but the addiction is not so you could at least learn to have some sympathy instead of looking heartless.

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